Stress and too much Sleep?

In this day and age we deal with stress and fatigue.
Learn to deal with it cope with it.

This past week I thought man something must me wrong with me? I'm getting  way too much sleep.
Do I have depression I'm sleeping way too much?! I haven't done what I consider much to be feeling sleepy! I'm one of those people who find it hard to relax and when I do I feel really guilty about it.

If you sleep all the time. Find some passion in life to stay awake if not if your passion is sleeping all day and sleeping through life that is a respectable goal in a way. Go back to sleep. Stay out of my way then. I can't stand people who have nothing to do. My ex-roomate was always bored and bothered me to entertain her even when I was busy working on my work. As people I know from the city would say "Dem peppl jus dun kno Y'all sleepin' " Meaning you are oblivious and not seeing things.

Like most people now and days when you think something is wrong you scourer the internet to find a solution to your problem and at times it creates more problems!

From someone else's artist blog page. I don't remember who said it but in receiving art critiques and I find this applies to anyone's advice, "It is like gum. chew on it and bit and spit out." 

I like the article but am not buying the suggested sale vitamins. 

 I thought the results were interesting.
It made me think about some of my habits. I didn't drink that much coffee or energy drinks this week. I don't have the symptoms of weight gain (On the contrary I lost about 40 pounds in the last 3 years) and don't find a lack of desire in my private life. I need to remember to eat more yogurt at times to help my stomach because honestly I forget to eat at times and am on an unintentional liquid diet. 

For this past week I have been practically asleep and didn't think much of it until Sunday when I really recapped what I have done for this week.
It all started last Tuesday I went food shopping and did some errands and could not remember what I did after that for most of the day except sleep and move some things around.

Wednesday- Went to work made dinner and then promptly went to sleep. 

Thursday, I'm pretty sure there is something in turkey that makes one just keel over. People asked what happened to me on Thanksgiving was promptly wake up for post edits and then passed out almost until 2pm where I had obligations. 

While everyone else was out on Black Friday. I had no funds to spare so it limited my options of what I could do so somehow I went to bed before shortly midnight. I felt old. I'm no grandma! 

No drawing group. No obligations to be anywhere. Slept seriously more than 12 hours and did some chores. 

Sunday- Slept practically till noon. And still managed to go to sleep early?

Monday Kept hitting snooze and felt like crap for most of the day until later in the morning I felt like my normal perky upbeat self. And for this reason I'm wide awake and it is night time in productive mode, Drawing, sketching, writing, and moving and unpacking stuff. 

Like most people I feel better generally if I have a lack of sleep it does not feel as awful than if I sleep too much. Oddly I did not feel awful just really sleepy. 

If you want to see my results which is a spoiler highlight the indivisible text in the brackets
[I got annihilated the first time I took the test. Failed miserably! I did not notice anything!

Honestly at first I felt guilty, unworthy and a slacker for this sleepcation. 

I talked to this lady who really cares and watched out for me like a mom. She told me I was catching up on sleep and not worry about it and when I catch up I'll be ready to work on things with more enthusiasm after this break. It got me thinking it was just me looking at the small picture of just this week but in the grand scheme of what I accomplished this month was phenomenal. It rationalized my thought and explained my behavior.
This month has been busy for me I moved myself about 90% to a new place in record time of two days. The last 10% I had to ask for help because it would of been impossible for me to carry certain things.  Managing work with lots of overtime with minimum days off. Online school. Unpacking and rearranging furniture. Drawing, sketching, deep plan thinking, writing. 

So I realized it was fine and take a breather its ok to rest and be lazy for a few days and the weekend too. 
Like anyone would do I searched the internet for some kind of answer.
I found that quiz
I re-evaluated my habits.
After thinking about it in this past month I haven't drank as much coffee and energy drinks.

I do have a bad habit of drinking coffee in the middle of the night. Like way past 9 when people are usually asleep.
Eliminate stress  

Learned to mange to balance work, life, fun and maybe love better. 

I'm glad to be back in the studio actively. So I'll show you what I can do. 

I used to hide the fact I have PTSD so its really hard for me to do specific things. I'm a little more open about it these days. People don't understand how serious it can be, it is a real struggle a times. It isn't a joke.  Sometimes I'll suck it up being what it perceived  to be a huge jerk for not doing something because I don't want to risk experiencing involuntary influence of symptoms. It is a curse, I can't control it.


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