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The un-annual late Halloween episode.

That classic blanket ghost dress-up

I thought it would be a waste to wait until next year to post this.
The initial sketches were finished in the first few weeks of October.
Getting: re-injured with that dumb car accident, getting an adverse reaction from this one thing, and having food poisoning last weekend, and taking forever to write all this after much delay this episode is finally being published!

This year I just wore a bear hat
and a cute top. 

As long as I could remember with holidays I am indifferent and I don't get overly excited or enthused. I just really like holiday stickers and food. With the exception of Christmas I don't care much for holidays.

I don't know what it is people but the around me LOVE and adore Halloween. Like that is their favorite holiday of all time. I had friends who would spend $200+ on multiple costumes and decorations. For some reason I am stuck with these kind of people. I never liked particularly working too hard on Halloween. Usually I threw on random articles of clothing and let people label what I was.

My sister used to be like "Krissy!! We need to go trick-or-treating early when everyone is out and when there is a crowed. We'll go around the base once and then toward the end of the night we will go around again. People won't remember us after so many kids going by. When we go again at the end of the night adults are trying to get rid of their candy and give us more that before so they go back inside!"

Just brilliant. My sister is an academic and incredibly smart. At a young age she observed this study of sociology about obtaining more candy. I've gotten dragged by my sister and some of my friends in their brilliant and adrenaline junkie escapades. I don't like working hard on Halloween, and I was worked hard until when we got older I convinced her we could get candy without working hard.

One year when I was a kid I
wore a paper bag over my face. 

If you are 21 and younger don't drink and I am not condoning alcohol use!
I do talk about an alcohol related incident from this point on.
You have been warned!

With this story I dressed up as the
Phantom of the Opera
I had the cape and the mask.
It was well received.
The hardest I ever worked on a costume.
I straightened my hair so I could do the
cowlick bang thing.

We used to from the time I was 21 would go out of town to these upscale clubs. This one year my eccentric friend who would plan all this had a family emergency. In the end I took out my ex-roommate to town by myself.

A few years or so ago I was living with my ex-roommate who was 2 years younger than me. I was 23 at the time. So she just turned 21. I promised that I would take her out because she loved Halloween. To the point that there was a 6 foot Jack Skeleton doll hung outside our window to my annoyance. It was there until we moved out.

I heard about this Burlesque show I missed previous years so we went to see it. It turned out to be pretty lame. It wasn't good at all it was just these girls parading around in their underwear there was no skit or play with it. I didn't want to watch them prancing around with their over inflated ego. We were there for less than 20 minutes. That took -$20 from me and then my friend whined she didn't like beer nor like the glass of wine I bought her. I finished my drink quickly and that fool ate most of MY premium nachos. Beer was the main thing they served at that location so then I took her to my favorite bar where they served a variety of drinks.

Now one miscellaneous fact about me is that I have a terribly high alcohol tolerance despite being relatively small at 5'2". Out of everyone I know only one woman could out drink me. Which was another ex-best friend. So my thing is I won't party with people with low tolerances because by the time I get buzzed someone is already plastered and I can't help but take care of them. Hence losing my high, it is a total buzzkill. Nobody watches my back for me to get shit faced drunk. The times I have gotten drunk there was a extenuating circumstance and a story to go along with it, which only has been a handful of times.

Every time when people ask what I
want to be I say a full body suit ninja.
Then I realized I am a ninja everyday.
Throwing those ninja stars like paper.

 When I went to this next bar I had my favorite cocktail a Long Island tea. These are so strong the bartender can legally only give you 2 of these. Somehow there was some kind of cocktail special that night and it was stronger than normal. It made me drunk. I didn't eat much because someone was too cheap to buy their own food and swiped all my nachos when I was drinking my beer.   This was there first time that I was so drunk and would black out intermittently.

My old friends used to make fun of me that anytime I would go out I would wear high heels because they are natural dunk-o-meters because if I can't walk out with class then i'm definitely drunk. I remember I wanted to dance so we went on the dance floor. I do know how to pop it and if I am dating someone I don't bust these moves because it does bring a lot of attention to myself. Its like this is my theme song.

At on point I remember looking to my right and this lady standing really close to me she was shorter with a plastic baby attached to her waist and had a witch costume on said in a low creepy voice, "I like your mask." While rubbing the top of the baby's head. Horrified I looked to the left and some really tall guy with white face paint was pumping me from the side. It was like what was I doing to attract these people. It really startled me I looked at my ex-roommate who grinned with her jack skeleton make up on. Despite blacking out I didn't trip over myself. In the end I had a nasty hangover and had to call in from work. I've only been hungover 3 times in my life. My trick usually is drink water before I go to sleep or have a glass of water by the nightstand when I do wake up in the middle of the night.

This is the mask I wore and leave it out for decoration. 

Today I had a day off and had to get up really early. To me early is 7am to get to Physical Therapy. And then my Dad wanted to vote early as possible. By the time I got home it was 9:30 I was gonna meet up with another friend whenever I actually showered and got ready. And then go vote at my designated location. I ended up going back to sleep. There is no shame in my game but as my family knows and some friends once I go to sleep I am a deep sleeper. There are very few things that will wake me up. Which makes it more astounding that I used to fall asleep in practically all my classes in my school career and not get caught by my teachers.

So I was about to go to sleep and one of my friends Nn calls me after 2 failed attempts to get ahold me asked me what I was doing. I was busy and I replied about to leisurely about to nap. My friend Nn is one of my trainees from my work and he is a beauty queen.

He says "I'm outside your place right now."
I was like "Are you serious? I have like 2 windows I can look if you are actually there.
Peeks out the kitchen window and see Nn with another friend. Ecstatically starts waving.
"You do know are a total creep and a stalker. What do you want from me?"
I go out and say "You do realize I haven't showered or put my contacts on. Nor done my hair."
"Me too I haven't showered either. You dun kno"
They were there to go get something from someone else at my apartment complex and decided to pay me a "surprise" visit.
We start yaking outside my place.
And then I go back and shower and go back to sleep.

I think it interesting now there are a lot of memes covering that if you don't call or text someone before showing up at their place you'll be most likely unwelcome or pretending you are not there.

I was working on another episode but will complete and release it later. Right now I am glued to the TV. NBC knows what they are doing and keep the US Presidential Counts interesting. Since I am not a multi-tasker I am keeping this short and sweet. :>