Artist Highlight: Drew Struzan

When I say Drew you say Struzan. Drew Struzan. Drew Struzan!

I wanted to pinpoint some attention to Drew Struzan a fantastic artist many know his artwork but not his name. He is one of my favorite artists and I remember looking at Struzan's work for long periods of time as a kid. 

There is Bob Peak influence but he puts his own spin with his photo-realistic work. 
If you don't know who he is you actually do know him by his prolific work over the span the span of over 4 decades. And he has drafted about 150 iconic American movie posters, and that is not including the promotional work he had done for said movies as well.

I was thinking of Drew lately because I was listening to the Side Bar podcast and his interview on the show. He is an extremely shy and humble guy. He was not supported as an artist from his folks and his story is interesting. At times he questions if his work is good! *I really want to smack him for that, but then again I probably wouldn't. Drew is an extremely introverted guy who likes to work in complete solitude in his backyard studio. Another point a lot of people are excited for the new Star Wars movie. I keep seeing all the retail merchandise and such. I don't have cable so I don't see the commercials. Honestly I was more excited he released a sketch of how he might do the movie poster for the movie. I haven't even seen all of the new Star Wars episodes released in the early 2000's.

Unfortunately in 2008 Drew went into retirement but does a few special projects here and then. His work flow consists of a sketch on illustration board, and then light washes of airbrush with color pencil for details and a bit of acrylic paint. I like how he can mix it up from photo-realistic work and cartoonly imaginary stuff. 

This Cartoon was a card commissioned by Steven Spielberg after James Cameron beat
Spielberg in knocking him off from being highest grossing movie Titanic at the time. 


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