Just go for it!

So I decided today (Wednesday) that I want to go forward with this project I had on the back of my mind.

I want to announce Musings & Quips of an Artist: The life of K

It is a comic mini-series of random musings and quips of my personal life. Sometimes I want to share personal experiences but I hate social media. If If I did not have to use it for marketing or keep in contact with long lost friends or see what family is up to I would never use it. I like and prefer communication from email and text message.

At times writing does not convey what I want to say and drawing does this much better...Which is why I am an artist and not a serious writer.

My personality in two words is Whimsically Serious. 
Total oxymoron. 
I am either straight face serious mode or cracking jokes. 

I am known to have interesting t-shirts and hair pins and clips.
I like to get a lot of my tees when they are on sale 
I have the sweatshirt version of this design. 
The designs are created from a lot of independent artists. 
So support support! 

 Using General's Water Soluble Graphite. The Niji water brush and other tools. 
This combo is quick and easy to use. Just use the waterbrush on the graphite for a 
watercolor-esque look. :]

 Most of these pages are drawn in my sketchbook. Some of the sketches  I drawn in a light paper weight, I scan it then reprint it on cardstock so it can handle the abuse of adding water. Then scanned or photographed again and brought to photoshop for quick edits.

It really bothers me at times. Perfect timing or mere coincidence.

The series will contain one shots and short comics. Almost done with Episode 01!!
The updates will be sporadic and not in order of events.

click Listening to and chilling with that Isley brothers. 
Late night jammin' . mhnn click

I have not forgotten about the studio tour so stay tuned! 
I went to the Paseo opening Friday night despite rain, coldness, driving my dad around for errands, a quick drop in drop out birthday party and a trip to Urgent Care that day. The crowd was a bit sparse for one of the peak times, the turnout was better on day 2 on Saturday. I had a
very good time. There was someplace else I wanted to go to on Saturday but I'm sure if I went I would've been unwelcome and would have caused trouble if I popped up.
I had real fun on saturday to make up for that.

The amazing experience I wanted to share is when my friend and I were looking through the rooms in the Coronado hall. We went into the last room and a crowd of 10 or so people were surrounded around this one piece. I turned to look to see what they were looking out and it was my artwork!! I was so excited. I tried to walk a distance and I fumbled my camera. By then the crowd dwindled. I managed to take a picture but not with all those people looking all at once. That moment was priceless. I was so happy I wanted to jump and down. It's motivating.

I like to get people to look at my paintings from across the room. That is one my intentions. For you to notice my work across the room and come closer to look at it, But a crowd! Just wow! I want to evoke that emotion more. I infuse a little soul into my work and make my painting speak the loudest in the room.

For my fine art work I use my middle name Prichelle.

Hence K. Prichelle

I was painting up until the submission date. Oil paints dry very slowly naturally. It can take weeks to months to dry at times. When I saw the painting it turned out beautifully. It was still wet when I submitted it. I use walnut oil and that slows your drying time. By adding the cobalt drier it accelerated the drying time. It dried by the end of the week when I saw it. Hooray cobalt drier.

Still went after practically balling my eyes
 out most of the day

Thank you for all your support it gives me hope, confidence, inspiration to go fourth with my next piece in my un-announced series.

Sometimes one can get used to their painting. It is like eating the same lunch everyday. You get tired of it but for someone else when they see or try it for the first time it is a new experience and its delicious. When you release the artwork you are tired of looking at it and think others will see it that same way.

To be honest I invited 6 people to come hang out at different times last year. Either they said no, did not respond or like one friend went on a totally different day I went on a different day. It was made up by one of my friends who is not an artist but was interested in seeing the show.

Speaking of Urgent Care. I was at work Friday and my boss was handing me something I couldn't reach and Baammm!!! This delivery guy swung really hard and it slammed on my left shoulder....where I already have a sprain there.  OM it hurt so bad and I was livid. Because every time I make progress in my recovery I get injured again due to someone's negligence. I got an X-ray and thankfully nothing is broken. Just pain and numbness at parts. It felt like Mortal Kombat 9's x-ray fatality.

My friend M was like did you still want to go to the art show? It's like denying a little kid christmas if their leg is broken, theyd still want to celebrate it.

Now I can show off Horizon Line. I've been painting it off and on for about a month. It is 9x12 and for sale at the Cornoado Hall until Oct. 1 for a low price of $597.
Or Email me at Krisanahall@gmail.com if you are interested. Buy it now for a discounted fall price. This offer is only available for the Fall Arts show.

 12 hours was invested.
The under laying wash was a vibrant red. Which helped to create a dramatic effect. I added a lot of texture and paint so I had to wait for it to dry to layer more colors without picking up the under layer.

Generally don't put the palette underneath you for long periods of time.
I do that to mix colors. But you don't want the solvents to be right under
your nose! It makes you sick and cause bad health effects long term.

 I like to walk away and check on what the 
painting looks like from the other side 
of the studio//room to check out if 
it does grab and maintain your attention.


There were some cool light installations out.

Happy First Day of Fall. ;} 9/22

I was asked what Art show I was talking about and forgot to mention where and when it is at.

If you are near the Northern New Mexico area and are free this Friday & Saturday is the opening night of the Annual Fall Arts show and Paseo.

In tandem with the Fall Arts show, since the 40th annual Fall Arts show the board decided to do this event called the Paseo. The Paseo is a series of installation artwork with lights along the street Paseo del Sur and in the iconic Taos Plaza.

For more info:





The first annual Paseo I took my roommate at the time and Beefcake (I've always had a penchant for naming guys my friends and I like). Then last year all the people I invited bailed out on me. :< . One friend he did call me to see if I wanted to hang out but it was on encore night...The night I wasn't there doing 3-D work at home. Sigh. But I met a lot of friends along the way to make up for that

I also one I ran out of time last time. I went there really late and had a few hours to network socialize and look at the installations. I tend to go when it gets dark. Not when the show first opens.

I just realized we changed the date of when our Portrait Group will do a demonstration at the Guadalupe Gym where the select show is hosted. On Oct 1 we will paint live from a model from 10am-1pm. Also it turns out that day I volunteered to be a host is from 2pm-6pm. My entire day will be spent there. So visit or say hi.

I am one of those people who really don't take that much pictures at any event.

I don't get how some people photograph every single second or take a million selfies. It's like you aren't even present. I've been with some people at events where everyone is on there phone saying on facebook where they are at but aren't being fun or unresponsive in person. Boring.

I like to enjoy the moment maybe take 1-3 pictures proving I went someplace.
Unless it is Bryce Canyon at night I won't take a whole bunch of pictures. I like to enjoy the moment be present and store that event in my memories.

From the 1st annual. Taken from a 
crappy cellphone. The Alcatel.