I own three computers and I mainly use two of them. I don’t particularly like to be glued to the same workspace at all times. So I move around not to get bored and to stay focused. The advantage of having multiple computers is awesome and if there is ever a hardware problem then there is a backup. And also the convenience of a portable workspace. I used to joke with my sister or having a mobile command station. My main computer is heavy and hooked onto many cords. So in reality my mobile command station isn’t mobile.

Now the downside and the most annoying part if one is working on any kind project and wishes to transfer these files on another computer it is a pain. Whether it is a doc. Pdf. Psd Rif Tif png gif and jpeg files. I like to work in extremely high .PSD resolutions like 7000 pixels or greater twice the standard print size resolution. With this these files huge they tend to be about 100mb or more.

Its unproductive in my opinion to take the files drag them wait for them to load on a flash drive or disk or whatever. Safely remove it and go to another computer and load up the files.

An example of my first computer that still works after 8 years after literally burning fumes

One of the risks of moving files around like that too often it does not happen as much but files can corrupt.
Sometimes you save a file and for some reason after rinsing and repeating the process for sometime the file becomes corrupted or just get plain annoying. Most of the time it happens when you blindly do things fast or tired.

So the solution and fix to my problems a few years ago was to use dropbox. Its an online network that one can link computers and any peripheral with your data. Its easy to use and is fairly fast if you have a good internet connection. I save a file and it’ll update across the board to all my computers and with the peripherals you can choose which files you wish to download. Even with my saving huge files its fairly quick I can go take a small break or just go and refill my cup of coffee and files will sync. So its liberating no wires, mess or chips to complicate the day.

There are home networks one can set up. They are easy for some to set up and difficult for others.  Years ago I made a Bluetooth network that would share one folder it was rather slow clunky and savage. And when the dell b130 went down and when it was fixed later I could not remember how to repeat the steps or find the proper instructions because that method became outdated.

Also on my phone and music players I have the function set up if I take a picture on my device it will transfer to my computers. For awhile and sometimes if I’m feeling lazy I’ll snap a pic on my phone and it will transfer to my computer and I can either bring it straight to photoshop or painter.

And if I’m somewhere else or on another computer that is not mine that the dropbox application is not on the computer. It is not a problem.
Just go to dropbox.com and log on and you can select which file you wish to download. Even without internet the files placed in the dropbox application are still accessible but just cannot sync and will sync again once a connection is once again established.

An example of how digital workspace is set up

Some of my friends don’t see the point in it. Which I can see why. And there is a data limit. I pay the premium of 9.99 every month which I have 1.3tb of information I can place. While I was sleeping one time I included my huge 20gb reference library of pictures into dropbox.

the white flat thing in my banner is one of my computers

So drop it in the box. Get dropbox if you have multiple workstations.

First musing of the month. I have a pleasant surprise next month so stay tuned.

It's the end of November where have I been? I've been catching up with: sleep, deadlines, balancing things out and well....the rest is secret.

Everyone has their highs and lows. I try to be mainly positive but I have to admit I haven’t painted oil on canvas for about 5 months.  I’ve been down, busy and most of the typical excuses.  Yadayada
Sometimes you are tired and have to push through and hang in there! Just because you are having a bad day don't spread the negativity around!

As one of my friends used to say when asking what are you doing? "Eh Sometding?" and I reply "Nawthing" Up to Nawthing.

I had a few posts planned and I wanted to release but…TBA

It occurred to me when I briefly visited my dad on Thanksgiving and when I walked out the back door he said, “Amumh ma ah ang en dere!” I have relatively bad hearing. And I exclaimed “Huh! What?! What’d you say” and he was actually said “kick ass! You can do it. Hang in there!”

Sometimes those are the words you need to hear. I told him I will. What he mentioned was part of a saying of a quote I think I made up. If you disagree you can tell me privately and that is alright, I won’t be offended. If so I'll be honored to see who first made it up.

Anyway when I was taking Color Theory from the Academy of Art University I was tired of it kicking my ass. I turned almost everything on time and every thing I did was rejected. Anyone from that school will tell you Color Theory is one of the most difficult classes to take.  I wrote on my board and I think I wrote it on one of my old blogs, “I’m tired of getting my ass kicked. Imma kick (their) ass instead” So take it to heart when you seem beat all seems to be down. Remember you can get up from where you are and do something. You may not be able to control all the circumstances around you but you can control your response to that action.

One quote my dad always says besides the “Past does not equal the future” Is also “With every adversity comes with a seed of a equal or greater benefit." So there is something to be learned with every situation.

It was a tough during that time, physically and emotionally. I almost died twice during that time. I saw the lights at the end of the tunnel one light one dark. But hey during those times I can see color. I can stare at a white wall and see all the colors within it. It isn’t white or the fact I can look at a black curtain and see what every bit of color. Technically in color theory black and white are not colors.

 I can stare at a blank field and I cry sometimes because I see the beauty of all the colors and how they flitter and dance in front of me. Nobody can see them only me or sometimes people with trained eyes. Not every artist can see color it is a gift. Or even the fact if you can see it can you bring the emotion in it. It is my job to highlight and bring color in people’s life.
                                    A bit of color theory madness from back then.
                          Usually as the night wears on more caffeinated drinks would be noticeable
                          I was working with gouache and it is more than a pain than acrylic paint!

Another thing I’ve said even before that when I was about 10. I was drawing this shark comic. If I find it its not funny but to a ten year old it is.
“Im like a shark nobody sees me coming but when I arrive I will open my jaws and chomp the competition and take them all out.”

I say that because I’ve always been the one that they called: dumb, ugly, stupid, people would not call me by name, and something strange and off about her because I always had a sketch book in my hand. Doodling. Head in the clouds. Nobody was afraid to say this to my face. And would even tell me to be like other people and not be myself.

But now it’s the opposite: smart, brilliant, innovative and beautiful. I’m still not used to these comments but I’ll take them. And also people are now curious to see what I have in my sketchbook, what projects I’ve working on, and what pictures I have taken with my camera. People even like my cloud pictures!
 Sorry people who take pictures of random ones I only like to take pictures of cumulus clouds!
                                                  Little Pico is a song by Raujika I
                                          think that song alone can be made into a game!

I’ve made a postcard about 5 years ago and someone told me when and if I get famous or something they would sell if for a million dollars. I told them it is not possible because I own the copyright. They got a little sad and I was actually joking about that and signed the front. I believe that is the only one I signed the front of.

So it comes to a surprise to when I do something to people who expect me to fail because of my past and being raised by a single father with no mother. People who knew me at my darkest times don’t want to see me now.

It ain’t that bad!  As people always say. I always tell them it’s still bad though!
So I painted this like 5 months ago didn’t think it was hot and didn’t share it but its not that bad.

In case your wondering
 If I had a past life I totally was a ninja.
If I was an animal I was shark. I’m a shark.

Some people use the season Spring for a chance to get a fresh start. Well in the Fall I get this feeling to start anew. I go through all my things and organize them like Spring cleaning but for fall.

I’ve got most of my friends since September on this idea of #freshstart. Getting rid of old ideas, habits, stale unreliable boyfriends, and moving to another place. In a sense a fresh start. Yay for fresh starts. Fresh perspectives 
As my friend's aunt says out with the people who weren't there and in with the people who stayed around! 

I've been grumpy and have totally been a grouch lately.  My mp3 player broke. because the  charge port had been abused from continuously being used TTTT____TTTTT I have had the samsung galaxy player 5.0 for a few years. It was a mini tablet and mp3 player.

So to soften the blow the Warranty company is going to reimburse me for the warranty and the price for what I had originally paid for. Since they deemed it unfix-able and its still under my 3 year hardware warranty.

But the big issue now is that mini tablets have practically been discontinued because the majority of people use their phone as an mp3 player or get a huge tablet. Countless friends joke about how I'm the cool kid on the block with two phones. I'm an audiophile and the sound quality from a phone and a dedicated music player is night and day to me. I had the 5.0 before I got a "Smart" phone.

 But I like my mp3 player and phone to be separate. I don't like clicks, whistles and people calling when I listen to music and in the zone with making art. It breaks my concentration.

Sorry I got distracted with my point with this rant. So my options that are irritating me are 7inch tablets or built in memory devices that run from 6 inches. Problem is last year I upgraded my 32gb micro sd card to a 64gb and I would like to use it. I've owned a 7in tablet before this 5.0, and I broke it from dropping it all the time since it did not fit in my pockets.

I've gotten to be a cranky old grandma that is set in the ways. No change please. But guess that I'll have to adapt unwillingly.

Anyway so I'm wired to my computers. Still listening to tracks. So enjoy the overload of music and art. ;] I've been quiet for too long.

Onward sorry if you have slow internet. Hope I don't freeze your computer, tablet or phone.

Sketches and sketches and even more sketches. I have so many ideas that I come up with. Can't find all the ones I wanted to show off. But here are some. So I'll dump them here. Also one aspect I wanted to show is how small I work. And from something so small I can bring it into photoshop and make it bigger. My hands are small but in the picture one can kind of guess how small I generally work.

I wanted to draw this image since I was in highschool. It's a tiger vs. crow. Martial arts with dilapidated buildings in the background. I have the skills now to complete and convey what I want to with this image.

Another note. Awhile back my friend and I had a interesting conversation and somewhat debate. He was saying that hip hop has changed over the last 15 years or so. His argument was that now in days most people pay attention to the beat instead of the lyrics in rap music. I admitted to him that most of the time I catch the beat first before getting the lyrics. I'm like everybody else. Pretty much we discussed after Dr. Dre it was all about the groove in hip hop. But a change of pace is nice after awhile hearing poetry in a song. Currently the most most recent song that has awesome poetry that is somewhat is ignored is the song 3005.

Here are a few examples of my favorite emcees, where its really not about the groove but about the poetry.

Perfect lyrical smoothie. The flow and poetry I used to listen to this in high school all time. It was theme song. Yo regardless.

I used to listen to Highs 2 Lows and Paradise all the time. People would ask what I was listening to because I always had my ipod when I transferred my junior year in high school. Life ain't no crystal stair. A little love from Langston Hughes.

The last bit of poetry is so smooth.

Cause when them checks clear, they're not here
Cause they don't care
It's kinda sad, but I'm laughing whatever happens
Assassins are stabbed in the back of my cabin
Labrador yapping.

The assassin's verse is my favorite line in the song. Elegant.

So dedicated fans I've waited 6 years for this.  Uyama Hiroto's cd Freedom of the Sun.

He's real mellow but I really like the essence and soul Hiroto brings to his beats. So buy it!You know you want it.

Another point if your'e reading this far. On 10/23/14 there is a partial solar eclipse! I love to take pictures of eclipses and solar events with my camera. I haven't seen a solar eclipse since I was 8! I seen a bunch of Lunar Eclipses. But my first one was a total solar eclipse that in the middle of the day it got dark. Some people never witness this phenomena in their entire life! I've been so fortunate to have seen a total solar eclipse.

 I've always been a resident stargazer and can find constellations. I've seen all the planets with my eyes through a telescope. Seeing Jupiter and its moons are amazing. One of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life. It takes precision and careful execution to take pictures of planets and stars. One cannot burst shoot. My camera the panasonic FZ100 weakness is taking pictures in the dark but I work with it and adjust for it. I can go on and on about astronomy. I'm just an enthusiastic hobbyist.  I'm super psyched to have seen one again  if you can't tell. It was a partial so most of the sun was exposed. If you were not aware it was happening people have missed the majority of the phenomena.

 A couple of examples of astronomy pictures from a while back. A Lunar eclipse, it is red because Mars was in the trajectory of the moon. If you live in North America like I do Mars can only be seen in the winter time mostly late at night.

These two songs are constantly stuck in my head.
Chotto Matte

Nothing can calm the savage beast but music. I keep saying that to myself every time I get irritated that everything is quiet without my music player.

I have a massive explosion of deadlines piled up practically because I've been moving to a new spot.
So one thing about catching up with deadlines I like to watch some movies and a morbid amount of of tv shows. Movies are ok but they tend to have a short storyline and tend to capture one's attention for a few hours. T.V I have an ongoing storyline that works well with marathon painting and drawing. Especially if the series is finished or well on its way to the season finale. Cliffhangers stink.

Like I have mentioned before I like psychological thrillers, and such. My favorite genre because normally I cannot guess the plot and ending of a show. Most movies I can tell what is going to happen from the beginning. Normally I just keep these thoughts to myself. Not to spoil it unless its terribly bad and will crack jokes about it like the recent remake of Godzilla. I'm convinced the recent character design of Godzilla is based off a bear. He moves like that nobody believes me.

Before and After.

Look at dem hips! And the way he holds his claws! Bet if I ask the Concept Artist what the contemporary Godzilla design was based off of I bet he'd say something about a bear! t
My friend got me into this show The Killing. First I was hesitant to watch but its good if one likes detective dramas. Grimm is another good one.

I like anime and I am not afraid to say I am an otaku. Some people have a problem with that and some others well don't. I frankly don't care. Haters gon' Hate.

Practically one of my favorite pastimes is surfing Youtube. I like to find music and shows or small clips. I'm not much for the dumb videos that everyone watches like lol kitties and people doing weird things. I was late into the game when Gangnam style came out. I really do not like techno. If it plays I will not hesitate from walking off any dance floor. Anyways my sister made me sit down and watch the entire thing without leaving. It was terribly dreadful.

One anime I have just finished is called Beyond the Boundary or Kyoukai no Kanata. First I just watched it for the animations but the characters are interesting. The lead female protaganist Mirai has the power to wield her blood into a powerful crimson blade while wearing glasses. Akhito loves megane. Girls in glasses. First you think he is kidding of his love of megane but you soon discover he isn't. There are the Nase siblings where one has a complex for his younger sister and the other just always says insulting things.

I don't have T.V or cable just a good monitor and internet.  So recently I've been watching shows on my computer and when I see something that I like I screenshot it. Some have beautiful compositions that mean something and well others probably just have dialog going on for them.

This is from the anime Blast of Tempest. Not a big fan of the main character but whatever. This is one of the supporting characters that thought it was real hilarious when he drop kicked this chick in the face.

Another anime I have also finished recently is Kill la Kill which were from the creators of Gurren Lagann Tengen Toppa. They were known for their over the top sense of going way over logic and sensibility. Once you find out what the show is about and its main theme its very unusual and whimsically serious.

Heard this from somewhere "If you cryin' you ain't tryin'."
By the way Mako has the best suit in the show.

As Sheldon from the show The Big Bang Theory will say "Go team Leonard go!"

Back to meeting deadlines on time.
I believe deadlines are like this...=Dead on the line.

So there's several shows I haven't finished so lets get cracking and back to work.

I'm either cranking up the radio like always to be entertained or shows in japanese or english.