I saw Kingsmen: The Secret Service this past weekend.
It is bomb. Napalm Bomb.
I really like stylized fighting as a genre in film and video games.
It doesn't have melancholic drama, long chase sequences nobody cares about like in the newer James Bond films. (It took me 2 times to finish this movie. I shouldn't have)

 I think Kingsmen is brilliant, humor with well choreographed stylized fight scenes. The story is based off a comic and I have to say it seemed great from being based off of a comic.

In Kingsmen I was ready to bawl my eyes out with the scene with JB.

Honestly I think it is revolting sometimes the movies and t.v shows that get air time for being dull unoriginal and predictable. Too many rehashes of material. I have no shame I'll feign my own sickness than to be taken to a lame movie.

Also I have this uncanny ability to predict movies and certain television shows how what will happen next and most likely the ending. I've been able to do it since I've been a kid.

For kicks I used to annoy my ex-roomate so much because I despised the book movies she liked and the dull cinema being watched. I would mouth off lines the actor would say seconds before being said despite never having seen the movie.


I'm still hopeful. 

Who doesn't have a t.v crush on Matt Ryan? and his portrayal of Constantine?

I didn't get to all the topics I wanted to get in June.
It was the first time I put up my idea guideline online.
I apologize.
Alas, don't panic I'll loop back and mention these topics sooner or later.

 Certain social media treads like to highlight and I'm slow to adapt as an old whipper snapper for awhile #TBH and #tbth I would get confused and its the same abbreviations. I'd be like its tuesday why tbh time? Throw Back Thursday and the To be Honest. To be honest it is annoying,
That's a bad excuse of hands and kodachi swords. And the feet! Oh man thanks for everyone for believing in me at this point. I really don't see how she is standing up straight!

Blade of the Immortal

Until the point of sophomore year in high school I was always that kid that drew anime in shojo style.
The turning point was spring break that year when procrastinating on a art class project I stumbled upon the manga Blade of the Immortal by Hiroaki Samura.

 Andrew Loomis books are like the best art instructional books out there. Brilliant in explaining concepts and very informative and interesting text to read.

The impact of BOTI did to me was the actual pursuit of academic art. To seriously study anatomy and not just draw anime. I started really getting into Andrew Loomis, George Bridgman studies, taking my high school art assignments more seriously. There is a lot of different art forms I like to do but this really made the impact of just focusing on drawing and painting.

Blade of the Immortal is about an ex-samurai named Manji whom after killing his corrupted shogun fleed. While escaping in self-defense killed off 100 lawful men while these men were innocent pursued him. Somewhere between he met this old woman named Yaobikuni who gave him the kessen-chu(blood worms) which made Manji immortal. Even if his limbs get cut off he cannot die he regenerates as long as he reattaches his limbs he is fine.

 After he slayed the 100th innocent man he didn't realize who it was until he looped off his head. After that incident he gave up the sword for realizing everything he had done and killing 100 innocent men for him to escape made him think about never killing again. But then upon unfortunate circumstances he is forced to take his blades up again.

The other main character Rin Asano used to be a normal girl whose parents ran a dojo. Until one night the Ittu-ryu headed by Anotsu Kagehisa attacked the dojo and killed Rin's parents in front of her. Sparing her because she was a child. Despite having no fighting skills nor talents Rin wants to kill Anotsu herself. Even though he is a skilled swordsman who wields a heavy axe with ease. With the odds stacked against Rin who will never in her life time attain the skills to defeat Anotsu a prodigy...who contunues to improve his fighting skills.The old woman Yaobikuni (her name means 800) who supplied Manji with the kessen-chu suggests to Rin to hire Manji as a bodyguard.

Manji, reluctant at first to Rin's ridiculous revenge plot. Due to some events that change his mind and Rin who Manji starts to see as a reflection of his younger dead sister Manji then decides to slay a 1,000 evil men in hopes of atoning for the 100 innocent he had slain. This is a story of about revenge and I believe human compassion. At first one thinks Anotsu is terribly evil for what he had done to the Asanos but prior to the story the Anotsu family was wronged by the Asano family generations before. Thus creating a vicious cycle of revenge of who really is right despite other perspectives.

Before we get started let me mention this.

The fight scenes, foreshortened figures, the finishing moves, Samura's use of storytelling through gestures, the ugh >__> Decapitation, Some of the inked panels and the graphite renders where exquisite.
And the flipbook style fight scenes is another highlight.
The ending was a tad bit rushed but worth the years of enjoyment and impact in my life.

Manji has 12 weapons on him that he took from fallen opponents, When you actually piss him off he'll use all 12 of them in his finishing move. Even the main antagonists are likable. Anotsu isn't just evil. The characters are interesting. Like the most powerful character in the manga has a low self-esteem thus she rarely fights and does not think anything of her natural fighting abilities. Also there are many modern shonen artists that rip off Samura. What a shame. An imitation is an imitation at times. 

In watching and reading material that is awesome it inspires me to attempt to make something awesome. It took some time to find a gallery of some of my old work! That I did when I was 15-16ish at attempts to blend anime and some realism. I'm glad to see improvement that'll stink 8 years later to see work like that.

Last post in June. I thought yesterday was the last day of the month until I looked at my phone.
As always see you next month in July.

Honestly sometimes one does not feel like creating.
You don't feel like it.
That's fine take a break.
Over a period of time if its more play time than work then you are just slackin'.

I'm not perfect and yes there are those highs and lows. But we deal and carry on.

I think it helps when you tell people some of your dreams and goals. Some people will try to push you and lift you up on the journey.

Even the simplest question of what you are working on or the status and progress of one's project is motivation I think.

Some of my ultimate dreams I cannot share them yet until its done... And it's way out of the box of what I thought I was ever capable of doing. Only a handful know one of the things I'm really doing. The biggest project I'm working on if I say what it is I'll get skeptics so I humor people by not telling them some of the things I am really up to.

Don't use the excuse oh I don't have any friends who believe me...I'm forever alone. Blah Blah blah.
There has to be someone you admire whether it is a movie star, artist, musician or somebody you would wish you can talk to. I don't know about you but after the initial jitters I'd like to have an intriguing conversation that isn't a waste of time or dead boring.

Before when I was alone and didn't have any cool art friends I would dream of talking to people I admired like Tahra, James Paick,Android Jones, Jason Chan, Karla Ortiz , Hiroaki Samura and Massive Black That's to name a few.
Even my non-artist friends inspire me at times.

I've meet people who I have been a fan of and only saw their art through books, magazines, and online.

I got invited to this one artist's studio I was a rabid fan of and got my portrait painted. :)
I promised not to post it online but who knows if at a later time I can ask.

Ambitious people like to be around other ambitious people.
Spread enthusiasm around its contagious caught on to the right people.

Yeah you don't feel liking creating at times but hopefully at some point you will.

I find inspiration in all sorts of things. Magnetic manikins are awesome.

Plan A or B? Nope none of the above erase what you have and create option C.

I was adjusting the angle and was like maybe if I just free transform (ctrl-t or cmd-t) my selection and I accidentally turned it upside down and was like wow thats more energetic let's roll with it.

This was actually done on my phone +stylus with the Corel Painter app its pretty cool and I talk about it more later.

I like to mess around and have fun with my drawings. I hope people have that feeling reverberating within in them when they see in my drawings. Practically every drawing I do I have some sort of inside joke with myself...

 A scale of how small I can sketch or doodle something in a four inch sketchbook compared to my ipod. On top of the tiny sketchbook look how even tinier my scribbles are! Less than an inch at times. Then I'm able to bring it into photoshop blow it up at a decent resolution and draw on it again digitally!
 Sketched myself in my work mode instead of being dressed up.

 Based off of a book *cough
I actually read
and random song lyrics notes.

My friend was so touched by this so I decided to re-post it. 

In one of the numerous making of video game movies this one video

Someone said Video Game music is designed to be listened to at least 60+ hours.
It has to be tolerable for a long duration of time.
(I don't remember who said this Sorry!!)

OST=Original Sound Track

E3 is around the corner! Next week!!!
People ask me this and at times I cannot make a list on the spot. Here it is. 

Okage:Shadow King

One of my top 3 video games of all time. I like the whimsical wacky art style and the music. One of the first two games we owned for the Ps2.
After owning a Sega Genesis and game boy color for so long.
It was a leap in graphics. Pixels to 3d models.

Full Ost can be listened here
Click on the Youtube icon and there is a full playlist

My favorite song in the game...
They rarely played it only for certain boss moments

My current ringtone on my phone because its really loud. 

This is actually Rosalyn's theme when she appears out nowhere

Men of various romantic interest have had this ringtone 
because this guy's a weirdo in the game. 
This charcter's hobby is talking to and admiring women 
along with clipping his toe nails. X] Gross

No More Heroes

One of my top 5 favorite games. It's really fun.

An okatu buys a beam katana from ebay and needs money to supports his habits so he decides to be an assassin! Funny and serious game like the title implies it has nothing to do with saving the world for once. You just want to become #1 assassin and attract this one chick. But the plot becomes more twisted and complicated than that.

Full OST

This theme is addicting you find yourself humming all 8 versions of the theme.

The theme is listed as Zako 1,2,3 etc but this mix is called Beam Katana Chronicles.

Magic Show is like my favorite from this game. I didn't notice the track when I played the game because this plays in the background of one of the most annoying bosses in the game that the voice actor of this boss sounded like Barney the Dinosaur. 
The wacky part job mini games.

Devil May Cry series

This game defined the stylized fighting genre. So some people get all upset when Dante doesn't have white hair in the latest installment.

The main character Dante is bad@%& with leather red coats fighting demons and being a cocky SOB.

The music is metal rock with some electronica.
One of the few games I will sway back and fourth and sing along in an imitated creepy voice.

In the first game I remember fighting cougar babies These were like the toughest enemies in the entire series! Because they had this chain spike move with instant death!!

The flinch in your eye calls you bluff... 
Feel free to drown when you had enough.

Now you have really crossed the line~ Your hate for me is divine.

The intro is a bit long and most of the time you've defeated all the enemies before the vocals come in except the occasional the time has come...
The time has come and so have I. I'll laugh last~

Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time

OoT for short

Again one of my top 3 favorite video games of all time. (*claps a pun intended)

And all of my friends who claim they are a gamer and never have played it well your front'in and many will agree as well. I'd say get a life and play this game.
You got N64, Gamecube version, and a 3ds remake so choose. There are options and no excuses.

I've unlocked everything in the game except one glass bottle because there is a poe glitch that prevents me from getting the poe. >:(  Darn you Poe and this was back in my completionist days. Where I'd play the smack out of a game and unlock everything. I'm considered a Speed runner now.

Only problem with the soundtrack there isn't any full versions of the songs you play in game. Like 17 seconds!


My best friend of 16 years has this ringtone. I got them into Legend of Zelda in 7th grade. I lent them this game even when they refused at first because they didn't think it was cool. 

I still crack jokes that they never beat the game Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask and it's been over 10 years.... That game is like the hardest puzzle game ever with no glitches. The puzzles are challenging.
My friend A was like you are cheater because you used Gamefaqs and I was like well at least I'm not a quitter for not beating it. Do I have to go over to your state that you live in and beat it for you? I was so tempted to mail out one of my old memory cards just because.

Addictive tune.


I absolutely love the remixed classic music for the puzzle stages.

Chopin I grew up with Chopin. 

Sonic the Hedgehog:1

Grew up with this game.  And made an quite an impression on me.

I remember my older adopted cousin used to be so good at this game. I learned some nifty tricks in the game to make myself better at it. 
 I got the handheld ds version of the game when I turned 18 and was able to actually beat it.

I deconstructed this game back then. I would beat all the monsters on the level and then have Sonic sit still on screen while I listened to the game music and drew the background of the game. I did this with a Robotnic boss fight. I'd beat him but not do the final blow because he was harmless. 

Honorable mentions

Someone once described this game You are beating up Corrupted Angels while giddy pop music is playing in the background. Its a different take on the Stylized Fighting genre and it its not nitty gritty like DMC and GOW. This game is funny in what it does its not really serious at all,

god of war -this song makes you feel like a bas@$** when playing this game dum dun dun da na nuh
Nothing like playing the game with the stereo cranked up and this song comes up.
Most gamers recognize the theme even without playing this game.

Streets of Rage

My sister and I would play this game together and it had friendly fire we used to beat each other up just for kicks and competition. 

One Youtuber comment I saw before said this should totally be club music.

Is a unique game that is single player but if you are connected online there is a chance you may meet another player along the distance. If you do come in contact with another player you can only communicate with song and dance. And you cannot see their gamer tag till the end of the game. 
The orchestral music pulls a lot of feel strings so I don't play it much. 

A huge portion of my childhood was lost while playing these two games.

What the song was really meant to sound like.
I so wished that this version played when I defeated all the kids in my neighborhood back in the day. I was so good no one dared to challenge or play with me after a while. 

Not all of your work will be a Magnum Opus.

Nothing is perfect or just right to create art. 
People tend to get stuck at 3 &4 and never stick through it to #5.

I haven't done my Magnum Opus yet but I'm striving toward it. 

So what is your Magnum Opus?

Pretty Apollo
 Tough decision deciding A or B. :/ Or mix A and B to make C. 

 Celestial Nymph 


Less than 1 1/2 Digital Ala Prima (If that term exists X])

Despite not getting much sleep and waking up a few hours later. Its not bad. 


My backup plan is I'm not good at anything else/ 

 <3 Swoozie I hope to meet him in person one day.
I'll hit you up someday. Watch out!