Well...I was in the process of writing an informative post when...a  classic game from my childhood got ported onto steam with some up-resed graphics. Age of Mythology. I became aware of this remake which I've been waiting for a long for a couple of weeks ago. Instantly when I found out about it I made a Steam account and pre-ordered it.

May has too many good release dates.

Age of Mythology is a RTS. A real time strategy game. When a player has villages to accumulate resources to build an army and fulfill the objective or totally dominating the opponent. But with Mythology there are the different tribes and special monsters you summon such as a phoenix. In the expansion pack its a bit like Rampage where there are Titans.  

It came out 3 days ago. And steam logs me into playing 17hrs already. SAD. Goodbye productivity I will miss you. And May is too good of a month of some release of some of my Game of The Year (GOTY)


Watch Dogs!

The reveal trailer was a bit boring but the gameplay trailer blew everyone away in E3 2012. Been anticipating this and finally it will be released o n May 27 after the delay November 16th prior release date.

I'm real exicited about this new IP. I've pre-ordered the limited edition. With the steel box game case, artbook, soundtrack, figure and the mask. The soundtrack sounds dope from what little I have heard. And I can't wait to see the concept art once the game is released.