Amaiya Jazz

The other day I found this mixtape Amaiya Jazz.
It is something different from what I have been listening to lately.
Packs a lot of punch, I used to not be a fan of short songs just because they were short. I've grown to appreciate them as much as annoyingly long songs, a lot can be said in a short amount of time if it was truly made that way. The whole tape is less than 30 minutes.

Normally even if I really like an artist, I don't like all the songs on the album. There are less than 5 albums that I just consider pure awesome. I guess I just added this one.

At first I just wanted the song It's Her but then I was forced to get the whole bundle and then I listened to all of them and I now practically like all these songs.

Without internet for about half a gets creative and writing and painting on the phone just is not the same. Part of my workflow with any project when I start I look at a lot of pictures and collect them in folders. There have been times I usually average 100-400 different types of images I look at for a combination of ideas. (I'll have to write and show more of this sometime)

 I shouldn't be spoiled being without internet since I have been in situations where there have been a few times where I moved to someplace new with no internet or furniture for about 3 weeks or more. It is something when you move in another part of town, another part of the country but when it is overseas you are waiting months for stuff. I just wished I timed the connection better.

From Dat Piff-
"Amaiya Jazz". This 12 song project is Certt's first release of 2014. Mixed and mastered by Certt himself. With appearances from @CoolroySays, @WhoIsJewlz, & more. Artwork by Tasha Faye. Follow Certt on Twitter @TheRealCertt

Amaiya Jazz Download Link

I don't know what genre to call this I mean it is hip hop and some R&B elements if you like that. It isn't a jazzy album.


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