Happy Holidays Everyone. :}
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. 

Compared to last year it was really pleasant.

This was a first but I hosted Thanksgiving at my house. Even cooked the turkey.
For once it wasn't burnt. Nothing at all. Even though it was just my dad over. Better than 
spending it alone like I did last year.
My dad burns everything he cooks. He cooks worse than a bachelor. 
Only thing he can cook better than I can is the family recipe of shrimp and chicken salad. One time he did burn the chicken and the building leader had to get involved. >___> And he lived on the other side of the building. Like 3 stairwells apart horizontally. 

Today I harvested cherry tomatoes from my plant which is over 12 feet. 
Just hanging out in my living room. 
Yay! I have enough to share.
They are pretty sweet even though it has lived indoors for most of its life.
I even have more green ones growing too. 
Haters be like you can't grow anything indoors....Pssh please. 

Ugh I got attacked by spider mites. Didn't have time to
deal with the infestation. But now that I do. Be prepared
their ****** hours are numbered. 

Its not much but way more than last time. Last harvest I only got 
four. Guess it represented one each for every person I wanted to give tomatoes to.

One of the habits I thought I would grow of and I tried and it doesn't matter and don't care anymore about this, one of my quirks with sketching in sketchbooks since I was 12 was never drawing page by page. Never in chronological order.  I flip through the pages randomly, find a blank page and sketch or scribble a random idea my imagination came up with. When I feel the book the book is full or I had enough of that book is when I move on to another one.

My excuse when I was younger was Oh don't want anyone finding my drawings. Going in rigid order just stifles my creativity. There really is no explanation that is just an odd creative quirk I have. I'm trying organize my hard drive. I have thousands of sketches and when I don't feel particularly creative and still want to draw I can take one and refine it more.

Sketches, thumbnails, and idea generators don't have to be perfect. I've come to terms my sketches are total crap and junk. Later on I'll refine them they aren't master pieces in it's raw form. Some artist's sketchbooks are awesome like everything is detailed and rendered. Like Wes Burt's and  Man Tsang's

Studies of pages from Andrew Loomis's book Head and Hands.

Another thought I am not sure but if I have mentioned this before. In my opinion there are two types of artists Structured and Painty loose artists.
I fall into the Painty loose category I start from scribbles and when I render things I don't blend my medium for a softer smooth look. I just leave it.

Whereas the structured artists might use grids and straight lines and work very cleanly. Their rendering has a smooth blended look. Can't help but blend.

The funny thing is when you are one you want to be more like the other. I have some friends who say Ah!!! I want to have more loose painty strokes in my painting!! and not blend so much. When the loose painty look is forced it looks forced. Sometimes it is hilarious because the mindset to not have organized chaos in the painting does not work out and they return to default mode of blending everything in.

Being a painty loose artist who doesn't go for hyper realism I totally admire the structured artists and their approach. At times I do need to be more refined and not so abstracted. Like freehanding something where I really should get a ruler to make that perfect straight line or edge. When I try to blend things or try to work cleanly it frustrates me. My mind doesn't work that way. Excuse me while I dump paint on this for random controlled chaos. I work in that type of environment. One of my main points I'm not a perfectest and coloring outside the lines works for me.

One of "decent" sketches. Used to take 3hrs+ just to maybe do something like this. Now it takes less than 20mins and usually  get all my stuff out and watch a tv episode but now I finish before the 20-40min episode is over. Yayness! This is ERM one of my best friend's baby. Told her I'd just draw something for her and in the end I liked this so much I'm going to an oil painting.

So much has happened this past month. 
The Fall Arts Show and Paseo 2017 was  held September 22-23 for the main events 
and ran through until October 1.
This was a high to low kind of thing. 
A little good highlights, but mainly
 negative emotions stemmed from it.
I've been hesitant to write about it.  A big ball of pretty negative emotions. 
The last thing I need right now is another serving it. 

Before we get started. It is October and what that means its the season of InkTober.
The celebration of ink medium!
Check it out on any social medium platform

The challenge is to draw everyday in October in any ink medium. I have never been able to keep up. I have some nice pens, pen nibs and ink just sitting there looking cute! :0 Maybe next year. Challenge accepted!
So I resolved to do 5 ink drawings or sketches. One for each week in October. Sounds like a fair compromise. Have a couple thumbnails for these drawings.

Some of my favorite artists I've been following that been doing the daily sketches is Jason Chan, @lanajay_art , @ianmcque and @thisnorthernboy he's doing a cool 31 daily comic book panel called Asteroid Belt Blues. Go check it out. 

Now this thing with the art show. Wasn't just one insult there were multiple.
One thing since they keep changing things like the submission process, the venue, etc.
Most of the artists I know do not like change. At all. I'm willing to adapt but these changes were not brilliant ideas.

Back in August I submitted my application for the art show online as per requested. No exceptions. Paid the fee and everything in one go.

In September a week before the art show I drop off my work. They could not find my form I submitted! Ok. I'm a little beefed a professional art show loses my form on this new and improved system that is supposed to be better. They didn't have any forms available so all ghetto on the back of a sheet we had to rewrite the dim

 I'm fantastic with names and faces, usually it takes me once if the person says their name I'll remember it. I don't expect anyone to be like me and remember. Please remember someone's name. One of my personal quirks and something that has always grinded my gears is being respectful and learning someone's name in a decent amount of time. Now if you don't it tells me a lot about yourself. That you are selfish self absorbed person who doesn't care to know me or whoever. Some of these types of people complain about my name being "Hard" or "Difficult to remember". It is just Ana with a Kris. Krisana. Please don't call me KrisAUNA. Most names are 2 syllables but I'm so sorry my parents named me a name with 3 syllables. That is so hard and difficult to remember. I can go on about this topic.

Anyways the point I'm getting at is with my fin eart stuff I  go by my middle name. Because its so hard to remember.  That is just a Michelle with a P. So I go by K. Prichelle.  Yes the letters are longer but Two syllables.To back to the story I dictate to the volunteer to refill the form. I emphasized K. Prichelle is what I preferred to be called. Makes a big square around the name.


A week later I go to the opening night of the art show. I was disappointed the turn out was not as good as it had been in previous years. I didn't run into too many of my artist friends. Ran into two people I knew, one person I knew she'd be there very extroverted person and the other person was someone I would of liked to avoid and that we have this past squabble where I cut the ties of our friendly relationship. An overall unpleasant person. Somehow thinks we are buddies still.

Between asking the person at the refreshment stand and this other person I knew to take a picture, I was an idiot and choose the person I knew.

I hate taking pictures of myself, but I'll do it from time to time to send something to my mom.
The annoying thing about this person is they demand so much from you but in returning any sort of little favor they act like you are preforming open heart surgery with a chainsaw.

That isn't all. So my camera was being finicky. Because I lent it to someone. So we took more pictures than I would of liked. And it didn't show. The final blow to this is she leans in at the name card and says hey did you know it says Kay Hall on it. This worst person to tell me this tells me this.
I've accumulated so many nicknames over the years that I respond to is ridiculous. Kay is not one one them. Only the letter K. not Kay. I'm furious that it was not up for interpretation what I would like to be called on my name card. As I stated with other people they had ONE JOB and that was to COPY and PASTE. Could they copy and paste? NO they could not.

One of my best friends pointed out that something I worked on and was proud of was not shown in a positive light and they didn't seem to respect or care for art. It's embarrassing. I mean the placement of my piece was toward the back of the show by a pole. Overall the quality of the work at the show wasn't that great. Sales were not great either. Even the venue a lot of people complained about. Although it was a non-juried show. It oddly was and the several Best of Shows definitely did not deserve it. Yes I am going for the burn. I'm still mad about everything.

Doesn't help I was suffering from insomnia from this other health issue. I was already crabby as it was.

Hopefully I won't have to repeat this story again.
It is truly draining.

I'm also disappointed with my submission as well. It started vibrantly but watching a Dark color scheme crime Drama like HBO's The Night of is... no good. The show is excellent by the way. :) Really suspenseful.

Oh yes! I had this cool reference photo given to me.
I loosely followed it.
I'll have to Little Joe re-justice again sometime.
Working at as a manager of a print department I have seen everything.
One of my favorite customers is this elderly old man, very spiritual guy.
He feeds bears and sometimes takes pictures. 
Lives in the middle of no where. No harm to people nearby.
Mr. S loves to give these photos away.
I have like 20 something up-close bear pictures collected over the years.

Day 2 It gets so much better!


I could not go to sleep and I felt extremely sick that night/morning. On the second day of the Arts Festival the Portrait Group I was a part of held a paint demonstration of what we usually do Saturday mornings. The turnout was better than opening night. There was times that a lot people really were looking at what we were doing and I could not step back. With painting you need to step back to see the overall picture and check for errors. Even though I had headphones, I couldn't step back because there was people really close to me. Literally had someone breathing down my neck.
Painting made me happy. :>

The model thought it was interesting how far back
we are even though we are just painting the face. 
And the around of detail we see and paint.
It's an unwritten rule not to block someone else and
to give the model space.

Some close people must've sensed something was off with me . And this totally made up for the clusterpuck opening night was. I got texts from people how I was and such. Even my old drinking buddy who I haven't hung out with in years was like, "hey let's get ourselves in trouble!" I declined because I was already out celebrating a friend's birthday. And anyone who wanted to tag along just had to call me to see where I was at. A lot of people couldn't make it or I didn't have time to hang out with but so many supported me spiritually.  :>

That evening was the Paseo Light show or Party on the Plaza or whatever it was called.
One of my friends M it is always near impossible scheduling to hang out with her. She is like one of the local people who is particular that if the weather is too hot cold or if she can't park at a certain spot she won't want to do anything. It was her wife's birthday. The website said the show started at 7pm. We go then, and they were still setting up. That was weird. There was one installation open. It wasn't all that entertaining. There was fire but no sound effects.

J laughed that we are artists and not so organized. In previous years things were set up before...
So we leave to go back to their house for cake and ice cream. It was cold and it wasn't even dark yet, I didn't mess around and stopped by my house to go get my trench coat and scarf. It was good had this organic specialty cake, ice cream and coffee.

They invited me to stay and watch movies but I still wanted to go see the Light show even though it was raining. My friend J is very introverted and it was her birthday. I didn't know she wanted to go in previous years. M urged her to go and we went. It was last minute but we ended up going together.

We had a blast. Normally I hang out with M more. And with J shes a different kind of artist. So she understood when I would walk and then stop in the name of art to take a picture of something. One thing we talked of was paranormal activity because some of the buildings they projected lights on were deemed haunted and old historic buildings. Sure some of the installations were not as interesting as they have been. There was one called Silent Disco. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I forgot to take a picture of it because every time I looked at it I could not help but laugh. There was this huge tent were people were dancing with headphones with lights on them. I had the dumb rhetorical question if it was Disco why are people dancing like its a rave party?

I was really surprised of the quality of pictures I took. One of my cameras the one I took with me is the Sony DSC-H300. Its a decent camera, got it for an extremely good price. The shutter is slow
The things of interest for me that I take pictures of are  Astronomy, natural phenomenons, clouds. and reference photos. Nothing much except I like to take nighttime photos I forget to consider this when I get a camera. And I have become lazy photographer with reference because I can fix things in photoshop. Except the astronomy ones of course.

Thank you for reading my long rant.
And I hope to get back to posting again on a more regular and consistent basis again.
Until next time.

Much love and peace.

 Paranormal Activity??? Everything is on fire!