The other week someone asked what exactly do I do on Saturdays and I shrugged portrait painting.
He replied "That is way over my head." Pun intended.
I look forward to it along with the quick gesture drawings.
Sometimes I have awesome portrait  drawings and other times the painting looks terrible but it is fun and fascinating to draw and paint portraits. Improvement and progress is slow at times but looking back at my first one three years ago improvement has been made. :]

Not in any particular order but these span from January and February.

The light plays tricks on light hazel eyes.
At times it can look blue, green, brown or another color.
When this happens I have to ask the model what color their eyes are. 
The answer this time was different.
She has heterochromia. Where the eyes are 
two different colors. She had one brown and blue eye.
I always save the eyes for last so I didn't have a chance to paint it.
Least I have a reference photo.

Same model some weeks later but different make up and hairstyle. 

Art teachers constantly remind you to Sqiuint! Squint! Squint!
Squint your eyes so you can truly see!
See the different value changes and planes in your subject.
I just got new glasses this past week so I could actually see.
For awhile I could see better with my contacts than with my glasses.
 With all my focus and concentration the details were all a blur.
When I took the reference photo I was able to see the detail she
put in her eyeshadow and eyeliner makeup design. 

At times with the figure drawing group I get annoyed 
when they constantly  hire models that are young pretty girls.
When this pattern happens I boycott the group for a bit.
I like to draw and analyze different kinds of people!
Recently we have been getting fantastic models. 

I literally have the same drawing from another week in this exact same pose...
With another person. 

Last week's surprise and fun challenge. 
This is the same person from the top of the page.  

For once I got to the Drawing group on time.
Usually I'm 30-60 minutes late on average.
When I arrived one of the artists was in a hurry to leave because
she didn't want to draw the veil.

It was fun but self inflicting torture to draw the veil and portrait in less
than 3 hours or so.
You wouldn't believe how much reveiling puns 
Alex and I unveiled and came up with. 

I meant to post this weekend but got distracted with a video game. >___>

This past weekend I actually didn't go to the Portrait group. I was beat and exhausted this past week. For these kind of drawings/paintings I need to be in the zone to focus or it just comes out bad and its frustrating to just push paint around on a crappy painting.

Anyways I am not too good with plugging in and figuring out wire connections. After a month of trying to figure out how to plug my gamecube to my tv I finally did it. I wanted to re-play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It is one of my favorite games. This would be my third time playing the game to completion.

Wish Nintendo would port this game and give it HD treatment with online multiplayer capabilities.

The Soundtrack to this game is awesome. It has a unique rustic sound to it. I forgot what instruments were used but it's pretty cool. Wouldn't jam out to this all the time though.

FF Crystal Chronicles OST
Monster's Dance ~Rondo~
Magic is Evcrything
Today Arrives, Becoming Tomorrow 
Shudder, Monster

Do Nots. 
Just another pun. 
A mug from my glamorous cup collection.
One thing my sister and I do for fun when we speak 
to each other is we say certain words wrong on purpose. 
One such example is
Donuts are Do Nots.
Do you or do you not want Do Nots?
At times if I get too comfortable I can slip into saying things wrong
 either the person I'm talking to has no idea what I just said or is entertained by 
the way I pronounced that particular word.
Someone once gave me so much grief for the way I say skittles the candy. 

Here is my initial first sketch.  Didn't care to render the image to 
completion. It's something how certain things I disliked doing in art school 
actually I enjoy and highly encourage.
I used to get so annoyed when you had a brilliant idea and then the teacher was like we'll 
your first idea isn't the greatest do it over again. Drawing something over and over
or exploring different ideas with the subject can open the possibility of coming up with a even better composition and idea. I find it fascinating and a sense of wonder and awe
getting a better understanding of what I am drawing. 

When I was sketching this 

came up on my playlist.
After that the title just stuck. 
Totally sounds like Didn't like disco~Didn't like disco.

Materials Used:
Tombow Water based Marker
Copic Marker
Prismacolor Marker
Prismacolor Colored Pencils
Col-erase pencils for sketching
Photoshop Cs6 for resizing/editing images

Scanned Image in the computer.
Resized the sketch to be bigger and darkened the lines in Photoshop.
Once that was done I printed out that copy to trace over on the light box.

I draw extremely light and its barely visible.
This is a little lighter than normal because marker and watercolor mediums are more transparent and I didn't want the contour lines to be the main focus.
Used a 2h pencil to get light but hard solid lines. 


To hasten drying time used my portable space heater.
The hairdryer I usually use has been broken for awhile.

The reference photo is something I've taken.
I've been caught in compromising postsions when taking reference photos.
One of these days I'll have to post about this one particular story.

Propped this up on my easel to get another perspective and look at the image from a distance.
When you have time whether its personal work or commission. I like to have things sit for overnight or a day or two to just 

After matting and framing my picture I test the wire by hanging it
randomly someplace in my house.

Well another year of surviving the Valentine's day apocalypse. Where love is grossly displayed in a material way. Without fail in my twenty six of life and its become a self fulfilling prophecy and always aligned I never had a boyfriend on Valentine's day nor gotten anything from a guy before. I'm always single around this gap of time. Alas if I like someone they aren't interested in me. Instead they like someone else or I'm not noticeable to person of interest at all. Although Cupid has a sick sense of humor. Only guy I noticed that likes me right now is someone several years older who looks like my uncle and I just can't get past that. Sigh love don't love me. I just want a sexy guyfriend to motive me. None of my guy friends are sexy or really motivate me tremendously.

My friends tell me to quit moping around and being materialistic. It's overrated. They should treat you right everyday.

Oh well I mope around some and then feel fine. Guess thats what cheesecake and video games are for at times. Except I didn't have any games to play so I watched Game Grumps Let's play Doki Doki Literature club which is actually a horror game in disguise.

Anyways there is the day after so when in doubt buy a squishmallow! or two.

They are comfortable, soft and cute. ;3 And I put them on my chairs. 
They create an inviting atmosphere to the workplace!