The 4th annual The Paseo/Fall Arts show is here in a few weeks!

I'm excited! I've gone to all of them. If you are in the Northern New Mexico area this will be the place to be September 22 & 23!

The 2017 Taos Open Exhibition will be open to the public daily at the Guadalupe Parish Gymnasium, 205 Don Fernando Street, in the Downtown Taos Historic District. The show runs from September 22 - October 1, 2017.

Hours as follows:
Opening Artist’s Reception and 

Awards Ceremony, Friday evening, September 22         5:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday, September 23rd                                            10:00am - 8:00pm
Daily, September 24 - October 1                                  10:00am - 6:00pm

The above information is from

Since this is still a relatively new thing there are a lot of kinks to be worked out. The first year was almost the best organized. Usually they have the light show Friday and Saturday. Seemed like they have changed it to a one day event on Saturday called Paseo Party on the Plaza for the light show. I'm a bit beefed about it because I would go both days and still miss some of the light installations.

Opening night is usually the best, something magical about it. Usually I go around 6-7 to look at the art on the show floor and then wander around. Come and say hi and look at some art!

Also my mixed media piece Hi, My name is Little Joe which is the Bear portrait will be there! Go & and see it!

More information here:

Taos Fall Arts Show 2017 Poster
Art by Ed Sandoval

I almost forgot to mention to on Saturday Morning the 23rd my Portrait Drawing group will be doing a demonstration at the Guadalupe Parish Gym where the art show is held from 10-1. You can watch us paint alla prima portrait.

Usually the models are amazed we all draw the same person different angles and the artistic approach is all totally different. Even if another artist is using the same medium too. 

Here are a few examples of some of the portraits I have done these last few months. 

Painted this one today. Used a different color
scheme than I usually do. 

I am also changing the posting format to  one week something informative or a random musing and then the next week something I have drawn/painted. Stay tuned for another post this week! about Weapons! 

I love colors.
Have about 300+ Illustration Art Markers. And the collection continues. Been at this for 11 years.
Prismacolor, Copic, Tombow.

Colors in full effect.
[Insert cool Montage Music]
[Final Boss Music Round 1]
And then
[Mid boss music Organs included]

Aieee Got Work to Do...! as the Isley Brothers say.

And defintely more sleep in my life.
I'm so tired. My jokes aren't even near remotely funny anymore.

The funny crazy thing. Like paint on a palette looks random but  when I place a marker down and keep it in a certain place on my desk I remember where it is and will continue to place it at that same spot once I put it down someplace. Looks disastrous but its organized chaos of my homemade jigsaw puzzle.

Before Carnage was let lose.
It was a peaceful day until the markers were assembled....

Somehow sometime this week we hit the views of 5,555+!!!
Time for another overdue kiriban!

Thank you so much. Words cannot express how happy I am to share my love of art and hobby of  dabbling in writing on Musings & Quips of An Artist. I am truly grateful.

Thank you I will continue to grow and expand with all of the loving support!


Finished cropped thumbnail\sketch 

Next month is the Fall Arts Festival. I am preparing my entry for the art show. The secret series I am working isn't ready to be revealed yet, so I decided to work on and submit something else. A bear portrait. There is a story behind it, which I'll share along with the final product on opening night.

Even when I work with traditional mediums at some point of the process I incorporate digital elements. Hence mixed media artist. Some people get all finicky that digital artists aren't "real artists" it depends. With anything there are skilled people in their craft and not so skilled. I pride myself in my digital manipulation does not look "photoshopped" but looks natural and un-tweaked with. ;]

 There are a lot of cool things happening for the Taos Fall Art Ferstival Paseo. It's pretty neat and when the time gets closer I'll post event times and such.

Everyone has a different way of doing things and one of these days I'll be more detailed in my process. Even how I print large format with one of my home printers.
I draw relatively small. Thanks to modern technology and my photo manipulation skills I can adjust a sketch to whatever size I want without losing quality. 

I wasn't sure how long I was going to take but the sketch took less than 20 minutes.
Was watching tv Game of Thrones S7, generally the episodes are like an 1hr long. Totally preparing 
and gearing up for  this to take longer. Wasn't sure if it was going to be one of those episodes where
I could't take my eyes off the screen or the fact I haven't drawn animals in awhile. 
Turned out the episode was a slow paced talking one and the sketch was done pretty quick.  

Although I drew the whole bear's body, I knew I wanted to focus on the Bear's face. It would be wonderful to paint the entire
bear, at this moment I don't have time to do all that. In photoshop I played with the composition of the image . 

Illustration board cut to custom size and taped to a board. 

Got an early birthday present! from Blick. This past week. 
My mom let me get what I wanted!
She's so awesome.
 One of the things I choose was a marker airbrush system. Haven't used it yet
because some assembly is required and *sigh I'm no good with
cords and building stuff. 
The battery did not come included. It's like half the price of the machine itself.
For now its all plug in action. 
Fun fact:
If I was born a day later I would of been a Virgo. 
But my astrological sign is a Leo. 
I don't believe in horoscopes 100% Sometimes they are quite spot
on with compatibility with the types I get myself in 
trouble with and interesting things happen
 and other times its all made up mumble-jumbo.

For example with friendships I gravitate towards Geminis, and two of my best friends are. With compatibility I have to watch myself with Aries and Sagittarius men. One thing that isn't true is that it says I have to be the center of attention and tend to be loud and outspoken. Once in awhile I'll be loud if I'm on a roll with a bunch of jokes but other than that, I don't care.

Hello! August is here now.
What is up world?!
I've been sick with a bad cold for the last few weeks.
Pretty much asleep for most of that time.
People are like why are you wearing a scarf in the middle of the summer?
Yes I was terribly cold then hot then cold then hot hot cold.
Finally starting to feel better.
No more feeling like its Antarctica. Goodbye chills and fevers.
Fatigue, and grumpyness.

One of these days I'll have to share why I have this weird
 unconventional superstition of why I don't like to go to the doctor.
 It's pretty much my creative active imagination ran rampant.
It won't come true but I have this strange belief it is totally true.

Now Now I'm getting back to drawing and painting!
And writing of course sometime this week for sure.

These are throw backs of pre-art school work. When I graduated highschool I did my basic core classes at the local community college for about 2 1/2 hrs. Then transferred to art school, the Academy of Art University online at the middle of sophomore year. These pieces were done my freshman year of college 2009-2010 when I was 18 years old.

The other week I was looking for something in my external hardrive. I have 2 of them. The first one I have my sister gave me for my 18th birthday. There are years worth of stuff so I dug into some of the first files on the device. It was shocking what I found.

I was thinking man girl! You need art school in your life! You aren't as good as your ego is telling you. You pretty much suck. One conversation I had with a fellow artist recently at the drawing group is the better your understanding as an artist and the art improves the more and more humbler and a tad bit insecure you get about your work. When you first start out it's like you bursting from the brim with confidence that you are the greatest artist that has walked this earth. And can't help but show off your paintings.

It's either you learn this humble approach practice or not. The best way is a healthy dose and balance of both being humble and self confident. When you are one of those conceited artists you'll find you won't have any artist friends...unless they are the same way. Kudos to people like that who band together.

When I saw this stuff especially the early figure drawings I laughed so hard. I was supposedly the best artist in my class. It seems like now I put more attention to the background! The subject matter in this case the figure does not pop out more than the background. Anyways when I saw these tears streamed out of my eyes. It was a silent laughter because I didn't want to disturb my neighbors and have them think oddly of me. Wtf is she doing by herself laughing not being on the phone or having the tv on like in the middle of the night.

To add more comedy in my life. It was the one day I didn't have on my usual waterproof eyeliner makeup on. When I went to go take my contacts out for the day I saw it in the bathroom mirror. Eyeliner was smudged around my eyes in a somewhat tear streaked fashion. Did not help that I rubbed my eyes at some point to try to wipe the tears but made the makeup smudging worse!

Over-dramatization examples above
 of the events that happened. 

It's like when one takes a step back a lot of improvement had been made. Art School really did push me to become a better artist. AAU is one of the toughest art schools in the US.  At times the growth would hurt and be a bit painful but the drive, enthusiasm and willingness to improve helped me grow as an artist and a person. If I gave up then or became complacent I would've still sucked. At times I still suck but not as much. And then the people who believed in me! Like wow. Thank you y'all are amazingly awesome~

Bone drawing from my Drawing 1 Class. Worst class I ever took
The negative energy in that class was strong! Another story for another time

I took a perspective class in the summer semester. Was still 17 when I started college. 

A couple of my characters named after colors.
Chaud Noir or Warm Black on the left 
and Mirage Grey to the right. Both villains in the 
Color based characters I've made. 

The moment you realize something is a mere coincidence but it doesn't seem like it. Sometimes one gets in the same wavelength as certain people and it turns out you do similar things and post them without realizing.
It was funny today one of my good friends I don't see her often but anytime I think about texting or calling her and don't do it; she either pops up to visit me or texts me first. Strange coincidences when you get on the wavelength with certain people.