Practically my favorite line from Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2.
I quote this game a lot. 
I have to say I'm flattered.

It is difficult to name my top favorite video game...If I had to list one Uncharted 2 would
be like my ultimate favorite. I played the game like 5 times. Beat it on Crushing mode. Never skipping a cutscene. Obtained a Platinum achievement trophy for the game. Played countless hours of multiplayer and was feared as [D!E] S******* People were in for a surprise when I did not suck as expected with my clan tag.

As far back as 2007 with rumors of a Uncharted movie in production fans demanded that Nathan Fillion play the role of Nathan Drake. Heck the guy is a spitting image of Drake and has the charm and goofyness of the character.

Well a fan made Uncharted short film was released on today.
The film was directed by Allan Ungar starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake.

Go check it out!
It was AWEsome!

For a short film it was full of action, jokes, trivia history and figuring out secret codes. :]
The little details of in game camera angles was a real treat in the combat sequences.
It would be awesome to see it feature length. This game is based off of action movie cliches and flipping into something good. Wonder how a game based off movies turned into a movie would turn out? This rendition in my opinion was fantastic.

Too bad Hollywood hasn't figured out what makes a good video game based movie.

Check it out!

Sic parvis magna!

This past month or so I haven't been feeling as well and have been resting and sleeping tremendously. Before this I had not painted for a month. One thing I do remember is having a lot of dreams of oil painting.

Weird and interesting enough numerous time in my life where something is pivotal I dream of painting. Watching myself paint as a bystander. I can never see the painting because I am blocking it. Depending on my mood I finish the painting in peace or have a nightmare that I feel extremely frustrated and cannot finish the painting despite my best efforts.

My in dream painting as paid off and I was able to paint quickly and accurately despite not oil painting for like a month!

This last Saturday's work. Painted in less than 2 hours.

The natural light of the studio kept changing so hence the small differentiation in color.

Almost done! 
A few tweaks and touchups to go. 

This was my first painting back after being absent at the drawing group for a month. My friends were surprised I painted quickly despite being always ate for the group. 

Strange, it was weird for some reason painting this guy reminded me of my dad who is also bald and has a mustache. 

This past week I was fortunate to formally introduce myself to 
one of my mentor's best friend Walt Gonske. 
He signed and gave me one of his books. 
It has been an honor that in the last few years or so I have been
able to meet all of the surviving members of the legendary Taos Six artists.

I love the bright vibrant colors and attention to light. Incredible that 
all of these paintings are plein air. 

Awhile back an old gallery assistant told me the value of the book decreases when an 
autograph is personally addressed to you. I honestly don't care and rather would have the intrinsic sentimental value of something than the extrinsic motivation.

Here is my favorite painting done by my mentor.
I absolutely love how this painting tricks your eyes into looking into the background first
and then in foreground. Man, it would be something to actually see it in person. 

If you are up not too late tonight folks the Strawberry moon is visible and so is my favorite planet Saturn! I mean you won't see it's rings but that bright star near the moon is Saturn. = D The moon isn't a rosy color either.

E3 once again rolled in this year last week. To me it is like Christmas in June with the reveal of new games and the initial excitement. It has been a long time since I've been totally caught 

off-guard with a game release and being excited for a numbered installment of a series.

I never thought the story will get a continuation from the 2008's DMC4. 
I am definitely buying the limited edition with a statue. 
Don't care who it is of. <3

The fangirl in me wants Vergil to come back and tell Nero,
"Nero I am your baby daddy. And you are my non-love child totally not made from love."

If the story goes in that direction I'm sure the conversation won't be as hilarious. Hopefully the story will get a conclusion instead of just dropping cliffhangers and never resolving plot twists.
It is speculated that the cloaked man who took the Devil Bringer has to be no other than Vergil.
I cannot wait~! The game looks awesome. One of the cool things is stuff you see in the trailer you can do in-game like slowing down time, especially in mid-air.

One of my favorite moments playing this series was when I was playing DMC 3.
I was on the phone with my best friend and then there was a Whohoo! sound.

My friend questioned what that noise was and awkwardly I was like,
"You actually heard that? double jumped.
spring launched catapulted, teleported and flew across the screen
 and swung around a stripper pole and
Dante just said Whoohoo! when I did that."

"Oh. Wait. You did what?
Was just wondering what that noise was."

I am pretty decent but not the greatest in the game. I've beaten it in very hard mode but can never pass the first stage of Dante must die mode. Basically if you get hit once you die, and the enemies even the grunts have a ridiculous amount of health.

My style playing the game is trickster and sword master with aerial juggles.  When I play the harder modes in DMC it makes my reaction time in other games heightened. I've warned my best friend I could probably beat her in Super Smash Bros. if I practice on DMC it makes my fingers more dexterous.

Also have you seen Resident Evil 2 REmake? It is gorgeous and looks actually scary. The damage engine adds to the gross factor. I used to mock RE2 for the bad voice acting and the level design. And this awful hip hand motion. In what kind of police station do you need 3 special orbs to access the break room? In what kind of police station do you move the statue a particular way to access the chief's office? Seriously what kind of police station?

Capcom aged Leon down to really look like a rookie with a baby face on his first day on the job. Another thing to note is Leon gives himself pep talks to get through certain areas. He isn't the badass he is in future games. It has been years since I've played it and looks like things have been changed in a good way. I look forward to the game's release!

This would be my reaction playing this at home.
Whoa! oh man jeez. 
Not overdramatized clicking buttons like gamers on tv.

This are the few games that stood out for me for E3 this year.
I am sure there are a lot more I haven't discovered yet. It'll take more time to dig through it all.

Sorry for my long absence. On the first of this month I got into a car accident. It was bad, but it could of been worse. I'm bruised and banged up on on my side. Thankfully nothing was broken but I'll have to get physical therapy to help make a full recovery. Emotionally I haven't been myself lately, disoriented, easily irritable and I can't sleep on my favorite side. It is hard when you don't feel good physically and mentally. My hatred has deepened extreme hate for roadragers who do illegal maneuvers.
I want to design a bumper sticker
Anyway I've just been focused on resting and healing.
Totally ruined my plan to buy a new car this month, likely next month it will be possible.

My best friend was laughing with me that the word of the month is TRAUMATIZED.

Honestly I am not sure when I'll post again.


Trying as much as I can be to be stress free and enjoy life.

I have so many ideas but not enough time to execute them all. :<

Well I'll be back next month!
Take Care.