E3 once again rolled in this year last week. To me it is like Christmas in June with the reveal of new games and the initial excitement. It has been a long time since I've been totally caught 

off-guard with a game release and being excited for a numbered installment of a series.

I never thought the story will get a continuation from the 2008's DMC4. 
I am definitely buying the limited edition with a statue. 
Don't care who it is of. <3

The fangirl in me wants Vergil to come back and tell Nero,
"Nero I am your baby daddy. And you are my non-love child totally not made from love."

If the story goes in that direction I'm sure the conversation won't be as hilarious. Hopefully the story will get a conclusion instead of just dropping cliffhangers and never resolving plot twists.
It is speculated that the cloaked man who took the Devil Bringer has to be no other than Vergil.
I cannot wait~! The game looks awesome. One of the cool things is stuff you see in the trailer you can do in-game like slowing down time, especially in mid-air.

One of my favorite moments playing this series was when I was playing DMC 3.
I was on the phone with my best friend and then there was a Whohoo! sound.

My friend questioned what that noise was and awkwardly I was like,
"You actually heard that?....Uh....um....I double jumped.
spring launched catapulted, teleported and flew across the screen
 and swung around a stripper pole and
Dante just said Whoohoo! when I did that."

"Oh. Wait. You did what?
Was just wondering what that noise was."

I am pretty decent but not the greatest in the game. I've beaten it in very hard mode but can never pass the first stage of Dante must die mode. Basically if you get hit once you die, and the enemies even the grunts have a ridiculous amount of health.

My style playing the game is trickster and sword master with aerial juggles.  When I play the harder modes in DMC it makes my reaction time in other games heightened. I've warned my best friend I could probably beat her in Super Smash Bros. if I practice on DMC it makes my fingers more dexterous.

Also have you seen Resident Evil 2 REmake? It is gorgeous and looks actually scary. The damage engine adds to the gross factor. I used to mock RE2 for the bad voice acting and the level design. And this awful hip hand motion. In what kind of police station do you need 3 special orbs to access the break room? In what kind of police station do you move the statue a particular way to access the chief's office? Seriously what kind of police station?

Capcom aged Leon down to really look like a rookie with a baby face on his first day on the job. Another thing to note is Leon gives himself pep talks to get through certain areas. He isn't the badass he is in future games. It has been years since I've played it and looks like things have been changed in a good way. I look forward to the game's release!

This would be my reaction playing this at home.
Whoa! oh man jeez. 
Not overdramatized clicking buttons like gamers on tv.

This are the few games that stood out for me for E3 this year.
I am sure there are a lot more I haven't discovered yet. It'll take more time to dig through it all.

Sorry for my long absence. On the first of this month I got into a car accident. It was bad, but it could of been worse. I'm bruised and banged up on on my side. Thankfully nothing was broken but I'll have to get physical therapy to help make a full recovery. Emotionally I haven't been myself lately, disoriented, easily irritable and I can't sleep on my favorite side. It is hard when you don't feel good physically and mentally. My hatred has deepened extreme hate for roadragers who do illegal maneuvers.
I want to design a bumper sticker
Anyway I've just been focused on resting and healing.
Totally ruined my plan to buy a new car this month, likely next month it will be possible.

My best friend was laughing with me that the word of the month is TRAUMATIZED.

Honestly I am not sure when I'll post again.


Trying as much as I can be to be stress free and enjoy life.

I have so many ideas but not enough time to execute them all. :<

Well I'll be back next month!
Take Care.

Yesterday when I went to go painting at the portrait group. I brought my french easel and the wing nut was missing! From one of the legs! Without the wing nut one of the supporting legs would not hold up the easel. I almost thought I wouldn't be able to paint and would have to go home. Where I live at it takes a bit of time and navigating traffic to get to the drawing group.

Fixing things hardware wise is a weakness of mine. I joke I can't even fix the tape dispenser at my work. Usually I wait until someone fixes it for me. I'm useful for electronics but not hardware. For once I came up with a viable solution! Prop my french easel unassembled and use the provided art horses in the owner's art studio. Only thing I had to borrow was paper towels to place so I wouldn't get my oil paints and medium all over the art horse.

It was quite comfortable and I will do this more often. A few of the members of the group kept eyeing me to see if it would actually work and if I was comfortable. I am used to standing when painting but it is nice to change it up here and there. Only other thing that it would help was if I brought a taboret or something so I wouldn't have the paint and materials right under my nose. It so happened I brought paint from my storage box and didn't use my wooden palette and make such a mess like I usually do.

When I got home I found my missing wing nut. It's baffling how it fell off in the first place. Least it saved me a trip to the hardware store. Somehow like the art store I end up buying a lot of stuff that I can actually use. Taking in consideration I'm helpless in fixing any type of hardware.

By the way this will be the start of my #1/100 100 heads. Draw a portrait every day for a hundred days challenge on instagram. I'll probably post my progress every 10 days or so. There is more work needed to be done to finish this painting but it's more close to being done than unfinished.   

One of the awesome and amazing aspects of the creative process is practically every painting has an ugly phase. There is the struggle and the abysmal but it becomes something beautiful and recognizable? Something I see in my head becomes real after I am able to bring it to life with my hands and the medium I'm using. That feeling is hard to explain.

Previous drawing group paintings done in this last month. It takes time but I feel and see improvement!

Maybe I unadvertaly got my wish to draw people of different age groups!

Today's advice.

Don't be caught in a black hole.
Design by Nicebleed

You can find his work
Nicebleed Art

This totally made my day.
Discovering this.

This surrealist piece to me symbolizes how some people don't realize how toxic they are. And overcoming certain pitfalls, life hurdles and such. It can have a different meaning/interpretation to another. To each his/her own.

I hope it made someone else's day as well.

Ended up buying a handful of stickers which I'll show off some other time.

Sketched this the other day in my mini moleskine and non-photo blue mechanical pencil lead. Drawing is barely larger than my index finger. It's difficult to decide what direction I want to go with... I've flipped my sketchbook over numerous times. Tough when the anatomy is on point so any direction will do!

Had an idea for a  to create a generic rpg character. For the most part most of those types of games the main character has brown spiky hair. And for some reason I was thinking of seashells and combined the two ideas.

Definitely going to make a turn-around of this character.