Do Nots. 
Just another pun. 
A mug from my glamorous cup collection.
One thing my sister and I do for fun when we speak 
to each other is we say certain words wrong on purpose. 
One such example is
Donuts are Do Nots.
Do you or do you not want Do Nots?
At times if I get too comfortable I can slip into saying things wrong
 either the person I'm talking to has no idea what I just said or is entertained by 
the way I pronounced that particular word.
Someone once gave me so much grief for the way I say skittles the candy. 

Here is my initial first sketch.  Didn't care to render the image to 
completion. It's something how certain things I disliked doing in art school 
actually I enjoy and highly encourage.
I used to get so annoyed when you had a brilliant idea and then the teacher was like we'll 
your first idea isn't the greatest do it over again. Drawing something over and over
or exploring different ideas with the subject can open the possibility of coming up with a even better composition and idea. I find it fascinating and a sense of wonder and awe
getting a better understanding of what I am drawing. 

When I was sketching this 

came up on my playlist.
After that the title just stuck. 
Totally sounds like Didn't like disco~Didn't like disco.

Materials Used:
Tombow Water based Marker
Copic Marker
Prismacolor Marker
Prismacolor Colored Pencils
Col-erase pencils for sketching
Photoshop Cs6 for resizing/editing images

Scanned Image in the computer.
Resized the sketch to be bigger and darkened the lines in Photoshop.
Once that was done I printed out that copy to trace over on the light box.

I draw extremely light and its barely visible.
This is a little lighter than normal because marker and watercolor mediums are more transparent and I didn't want the contour lines to be the main focus.
Used a 2h pencil to get light but hard solid lines. 


To hasten drying time used my portable space heater.
The hairdryer I usually use has been broken for awhile.

The reference photo is something I've taken.
I've been caught in compromising postsions when taking reference photos.
One of these days I'll have to post about this one particular story.

Propped this up on my easel to get another perspective and look at the image from a distance.
When you have time whether its personal work or commission. I like to have things sit for overnight or a day or two to just 

After matting and framing my picture I test the wire by hanging it
randomly someplace in my house.

Well another year of surviving the Valentine's day apocalypse. Where love is grossly displayed in a material way. Without fail in my twenty six of life and its become a self fulfilling prophecy and always aligned I never had a boyfriend on Valentine's day nor gotten anything from a guy before. I'm always single around this gap of time. Alas if I like someone they aren't interested in me. Instead they like someone else or I'm not noticeable to person of interest at all. Although Cupid has a sick sense of humor. Only guy I noticed that likes me right now is someone several years older who looks like my uncle and I just can't get past that. Sigh love don't love me. I just want a sexy guyfriend to motive me. None of my guy friends are sexy or really motivate me tremendously.

My friends tell me to quit moping around and being materialistic. It's overrated. They should treat you right everyday.

Oh well I mope around some and then feel fine. Guess thats what cheesecake and video games are for at times. Except I didn't have any games to play so I watched Game Grumps Let's play Doki Doki Literature club which is actually a horror game in disguise.

Anyways there is the day after so when in doubt buy a squishmallow! or two.

They are comfortable, soft and cute. ;3 And I put them on my chairs. 
They create an inviting atmosphere to the workplace!

The other day I was rewatching Game Theory's: Theorists are KILLERS (Life is Strange)

One of the main take-aways from Mat Pat's research is depending on your personality type it is an indicator and most likely the determining factor of would you kill Chloe in Life is Strange the
video game.

The Myers-Briggs type indicator is a test that categorizes personality types within sixteen categories.
It takes no more than fifteen minutes.
And it is spot on accurate.

My personality type is INFP-A which stands for Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving -Assertive.
Named the the "Mediator" or "Healer" in the Diplomat category.
It is quite interesting. Alarmingly spot on.
I only met one other person like myself in terms of personality. Or I take after that person. I have lived in a lot of places and met numerous people. That's saying a lot.

Even the subtle nuances of myself I thought was just my personal thing is common within my type.

One nuance the Myer's Briggs remarked I can and be difficult to truly get to know. Which is true. An  example would be if someone is persistent and pries into getting me to tell them one of my secrets, I never tell the whole story at once. Always a part of it. I test the waters and gauge their reaction and over time tell the entire story. Another key point I found fascinating is the type of best friend I have. It does not make any sense but it works and is harmonious, being around an extraverted explorer and I'll add on the fact she happens to be my former elementary school bully.

When I saw the illustration for my personality type..
I was like wow this is probably what I look like to
other people; care-free frolicking around in my 
unencumbered natural

 Here are a few points of my personality type.
There is a lot of information separated in eight plus parts.
Which I won't post all of it.
Read more here

The other week I finished my submission for the Millicent Rodgers Miniature 2018 art show. It's my first time submitting work into this show. The quality of art is pretty high and there are so much awesome work from what I saw. This is a miniature show all the artwork meets the requirements of no greater than 100 square inches in size. 

The Millicent Rodgers Museum is a creative fundraiser that raises money for the museum which houses a large collection of Northern New Mexico Art. Half of all art sales goes to the museum as well as tickets.

Opening night is on Friday February 9th 5:30-7:30pm and tickets are $15 upon entry.
Miniature show is a month long event from Feb 9-March 4th, after opening night it can be accessed
during regular museum hours.

Main Museum Website

About MRM

MRM Miniature Show website link

I was a bit nervous dropping my submission off for the MRM show. At times if you work on something for awhile you tend to hate it since you've looked at it a lot and the mistakes that are part of the piece become glaringly obvious.  Whenever I look at it I zero in on the mistakes. The handful of people I showed my submission actually liked it. I hope nobody was trying to be nice not to hurt my feelings. Normally I am not a perfectionist with these kind of things but for once I feel that way. The drawing looks better from far away. There are parts I had fun messing around but to say I am anxious is an understatement. Another thing is I had to submit it super early so it'll be a full month since I last seen it in person not sure if the time distance will be a good or bad thing in my opinion and feelings towards it.

Some people like to be different just to be different. I tend to fall into the category my ideas are different so it just happens to stand out and be unintentionally different... At times I don't mean to stand out but it just happens.  From what I have seen a lot of people submitted landscape art. I thought of doing landscape art but with the time constraints I didn't want to do that or experiment. It started off as a joke with a friend about what I was going to do and ended up making it real.

Also My piece is called Delightful and its only $399 ;]

Alas haven't made that Magnum Opus yet. Have to concentrate and focus on my portfolio more.
Which is exciting and also a lot of work needs to be done.

Hihi! Happy New Year's everyone

Hope all is well.
Finally after 2 weeks or so I finally got rid of this nasty cold!
There has been this nasty bug going around where you get sick get better, it doesn't quite go away and then one falls ill again. Hey least I got to go to two New Years parties before I got sick again. Even now it still lingers, but I'm vigilant it won't strike back in full effect again. Na uh!

I was disappointed I missed what I originally planned for New Years Eve which would of consisted of orange slices and bluemoons observing the super moon. Nope. Huddled under layers of blankets with fevers and chills, sketching and watching the New York ball drop from my phone. Insult over injury  the other day I thought I would see the Quadrantid meteor showers. Missed that too! Except the full moon washed out the sky to abysmal visibility and cloudy weather obscured everything! It would of been worth being sick for a few more days to observe that! It'll be months before another good meteor shower with good visibility will be present!

After the strings of disappointment of this week...Finally is my chance tonight/early morning to make up for that! I live in the western hemisphere. Before sunrise I am estimating between 3-5am there is a total lunar Mars eclipse going on.  People call it blood moon but since it is January the real made up name for it is blue moon. Even though it is not blue. Hopefully I'll get good visibility and possibly take pictures of it.

2017 really has been an interesting year. So much had happened in my personal life that required my full attention. Pardon me for the lack of consistent updates and frequent absences. I have been terribly busy, finding a lost piece of self, personal growth, acceptance and major heartaches. One significant  thing is I got diagnosed with last January was an auto immune disease that affects your metabolism and energy levels. It is a mental and physical battle at times. Good health and energy are things one can take advantage of until its told otherwise to you. These days I am more health conscious. It's a lifelong thing that just can happen and it isn't treatable but subdued...and only just recently in September I got proper treatment management for it with some nasty side effects that took time to settle. In person I am open about it but in time I'll talk about it more.

You never know what people are truly dealing with. A few months ago someone said it must be nice being happy go lucky and I didn't say anything. If they knew what I was really going through beneath the surface they wouldn't say that. I don't make my struggles apparent. Be kind to people you never know.

Back on a positive note. I'm finishing up a piece for an upcoming art show located in the middle of nowhere next month.
Alas I am looking forward to this year one of my core dreams will come true. It's manifested itself in a different opportunity than I originally thought but I am ecstatic and motivated. Stay tuned to that!

to this new year 2018
Wish you all the best.

When I was a kid one of my favorite movies was the Star Wars Prequel Film The Phantom Menace. I haven't seen any of the other films besides the original trilogy. What blew me away was the concept design for the film. Another thing what drew me into this world was at the time the protagonist Anakin was a fellow small 8 year old in a complicated adult world.  Little do people know the man behind the brilliant character design work is the artist named Iain McCaig.

McCaig is a very lively vivacious guy. I have watched a presentation from my school and he's a imaginative dynamic energetic guy. Quite a friendly personality. These traits do speak ostentatiously in his artwork. At times I can tell he uses himself as a model for the characters he draws with the expressive mannerisms and facial expressions. One does not just draw dynamic believable facial expressions from imagination.

Back on point Iain McCaig artbook is vastly different from a traditional artist's artbook. Shadowline is the place Iain calls his imagination and the world of inhabitants in it. The unique point is that most artbooks the text is rigid and just tells about the production of the set project. What McCaig set out to do is there is a fictional story within the pages. He himself is in the book and a fictional character named Byron the interviewer go on this wild crazy adventure.

One thing working artists dread are Deadlines. These come up as literal monsters that attack the friends. They are hilarious and daunting.  It is good to know other artists understand the distain and struggles of necessary deadlines.

The price of the book may set back many, but fortunately I was able to get it for a bargain. Impulse buy! No other book has little mini manual pop ups that have informative art instruction. Reading and experiencing the tale of ShadowLine and  seeing Iain McCaig's imaginative master artistry is priceless.   

It was difficult to narrow down what to showcase samples of this 240 page wonderfully printed book.



A couple of Padme Amidala's regal royal outfits were based off of Mongolian royal attire. Other attire was also based off of Eastern and Western cultures. 

Even as a kid I was fascinated and drawn into Darth Maul's design. Hauntfully beautiful and scary.

I just see this McCaig looking in a mirror and holding these expressions and drawing/using himself as reference.