Hihi! Happy New Year's everyone

Hope all is well.
Finally after 2 weeks or so I finally got rid of this nasty cold!
There has been this nasty bug going around where you get sick get better, it doesn't quite go away and then one falls ill again. Hey least I got to go to two New Years parties before I got sick again. Even now it still lingers, but I'm vigilant it won't strike back in full effect again. Na uh!

I was disappointed I missed what I originally planned for New Years Eve which would of consisted of orange slices and bluemoons observing the super moon. Nope. Huddled under layers of blankets with fevers and chills, sketching and watching the New York ball drop from my phone. Insult over injury  the other day I thought I would see the Quadrantid meteor showers. Missed that too! Except the full moon washed out the sky to abysmal visibility and cloudy weather obscured everything! It would of been worth being sick for a few more days to observe that! It'll be months before another good meteor shower with good visibility will be present!

After the strings of disappointment of this week...Finally is my chance tonight/early morning to make up for that! I live in the western hemisphere. Before sunrise I am estimating between 3-5am there is a total lunar Mars eclipse going on.  People call it blood moon but since it is January the real made up name for it is blue moon. Even though it is not blue. Hopefully I'll get good visibility and possibly take pictures of it.

2017 really has been an interesting year. So much had happened in my personal life that required my full attention. Pardon me for the lack of consistent updates and frequent absences. I have been terribly busy, finding a lost piece of self, personal growth, acceptance and major heartaches. One significant  thing is I got diagnosed with last January was an auto immune disease that affects your metabolism and energy levels. It is a mental and physical battle at times. Good health and energy are things one can take advantage of until its told otherwise to you. These days I am more health conscious. It's a lifelong thing that just can happen and it isn't treatable but subdued...and only just recently in September I got proper treatment management for it with some nasty side effects that took time to settle. In person I am open about it but in time I'll talk about it more.

You never know what people are truly dealing with. A few months ago someone said it must be nice being happy go lucky and I didn't say anything. If they knew what I was really going through beneath the surface they wouldn't say that. I don't make my struggles apparent. Be kind to people you never know.

Back on a positive note. I'm finishing up a piece for an upcoming art show located in the middle of nowhere next month.
Alas I am looking forward to this year one of my core dreams will come true. It's manifested itself in a different opportunity than I originally thought but I am ecstatic and motivated. Stay tuned to that!

to this new year 2018
Wish you all the best.

When I was a kid one of my favorite movies was the Star Wars Prequel Film The Phantom Menace. I haven't seen any of the other films besides the original trilogy. What blew me away was the concept design for the film. Another thing what drew me into this world was at the time the protagonist Anakin was a fellow small 8 year old in a complicated adult world.  Little do people know the man behind the brilliant character design work is the artist named Iain McCaig.

McCaig is a very lively vivacious guy. I have watched a presentation from my school and he's a imaginative dynamic energetic guy. Quite a friendly personality. These traits do speak ostentatiously in his artwork. At times I can tell he uses himself as a model for the characters he draws with the expressive mannerisms and facial expressions. One does not just draw dynamic believable facial expressions from imagination.

Back on point Iain McCaig artbook is vastly different from a traditional artist's artbook. Shadowline is the place Iain calls his imagination and the world of inhabitants in it. The unique point is that most artbooks the text is rigid and just tells about the production of the set project. What McCaig set out to do is there is a fictional story within the pages. He himself is in the book and a fictional character named Byron the interviewer go on this wild crazy adventure.

One thing working artists dread are Deadlines. These come up as literal monsters that attack the friends. They are hilarious and daunting.  It is good to know other artists understand the distain and struggles of necessary deadlines.

The price of the book may set back many, but fortunately I was able to get it for a bargain. Impulse buy! No other book has little mini manual pop ups that have informative art instruction. Reading and experiencing the tale of ShadowLine and  seeing Iain McCaig's imaginative master artistry is priceless.   

It was difficult to narrow down what to showcase samples of this 240 page wonderfully printed book.



A couple of Padme Amidala's regal royal outfits were based off of Mongolian royal attire. Other attire was also based off of Eastern and Western cultures. 

Even as a kid I was fascinated and drawn into Darth Maul's design. Hauntfully beautiful and scary.

I just see this McCaig looking in a mirror and holding these expressions and drawing/using himself as reference.