Welcome and thank you for coming to my blog. A sketchbook of sorts. I'm currently working on my website which will be up soon. Here you will find: sketches, academic studies, finished work, tips n' tricks, eclectic thoughts, video game, music, and book reviews. Small musings quick and unrefined like a sketch. So flip through my sketchbook give me a shout-out, a crit if you like or even be a silent supporter. Stay tuned and come again.

On another note heres a little bit about myself. Like many artists I have always loved to draw and do not remember when it all started. Its been a gift that I have not been able to refuse or successfully avoid. I also like video games, and from an early age I have found them to be fascinating. These two great loves were fused together and the final result is an passionate Illustrator and Concept artist.

And by the way my name is Krisana. :] Usually my name is difficult to pronounce and people struggle and trip over it. Since it is 3 syllables I guess. Kris-an-na. Ana is pronounced not like the heavier sounding "Auna." Ana with a Kris.