Photoshop Color Wheels & Swatches

There are plenty of ways to make your digital work space more comfortable and efficient to use.

Although I am not just exclusive in just using one sole application I use Photoshop to sketch and manipulate photos, I render some artwork with Photoshop. But not all the time.
My photoshop work space. I still use cs6. 
*Right click for all your brushes to appear.  
I haven't upgraded to CC, Although I do have it.

 My Corel Painter work space. As a natural leftie put your color wheel 
on you dominant side. I had lots of trouble cross thinking putting my colors 
and main tools on the right.

When I render digitally paint I prefer to use Corel Painter. The brush tracking tool captures and calibrates the program pretty well/ More accurate with brushstrokes and imitates natural mediums.
Pen Sensitivity is spot on.

-On a side note you can download my brush set here by visiting

Most of my artist friends will tell you that they are 97% (I'll leave the 3% out maybe somebody I don't know) will say why bother will Corel Painter when there is Photoshop. The interface is complicated and not user-friendly. Coming from the opposite side learning how to use Corel Painter first before Photoshop was intimidating. Photoshop originally was not made for digital painting only the last few versions made considerations and adjustments.I started on the days when CS was the hot thing on the market.
Now compare the blank raw version of when you open it to my modified work space.

For a few years I remember I did things the hard way by attempting to paint with the RGB sliders.At one point I had a notebook writing down the RGB numbers 255 255 255 is white. 0 0 0 is black. Even memorized some of hex colors/ #123456 I don't remember.

The thing that made Photoshop more tolerable is something as simple as the right color wheel .

I know the fantastic artist Simon Dominic Brewer he is a total Corel guy. He is so hardcore he uses Windows XP to just use one of Corel's discontinued Photo Manipulation program to adjust and manipulate any of his paintings when needed. He won't use photoshop for any step of his creative process. What dedication.

Color Wheel Swatches

I remember watching a Massive Black video and one of the guys used the color swatch thing and I was totally amazed. Short access to all your colors. At the time that was the bomb. Now this is like a cherry bomb compared to what I am going to talk about.

Download Monkey lunch's Swatches here and here as well.
There are more swatch color wheels out there to cater to your needs. This is one of many examples. This wasn't the exact one I used to use but it is close enough.

No now if you have Photoshop Versions above CS4 you can use Len White's Painter's Wheel or Coolerus now this is the atomic part.

Len White's Painter Wheel

Download it for free. But don't forget to donate something.
Len is a nice guy who doesn't ask for much.

-Len's Painter Wheel Link

Coolorus 2.0 & 1.x

Now my friend he literally nagged me for months. Get this get this get it. He buys every little thing. And I try not to just blindly just buy things.  I got it out of annoyance and well I liked it.
That was version 1 at the time. The color wheel also can sort out compliments and color combinations. It's more accurate in color placement than Len's.

Also if you are unsure and just want to test it, you can download the trial version for 30 days.
Its $9.99 for 2 installs. You can cross platform and mix and match what versions or computers you want to do.

So 1.x is now available for free at the bottom of the 2.0 page. Scroll through all the ads on the bottom of the page.


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