Your new quest has spawned!
Side Mission:
Quest: Level up your life

I browsing along on the internet today as many people do and encountered an article about this app called Quest: Level up your life.

Next thing I know I'm searching if it is an Android or ios device.
For right now it is an ios only device. The app is $1.99 which I got instantly. Became instantly hooked and enamored with it.

One thing that keeps me focused and on the right track is to have a daily to do list. I've been using Google Keep for awhile because of the clean interface and vibrant colors. It is still nifty. Also if you have a ton of android devices like myself then it syncs your lists to all your devices.

Another App I like because of the notebook paper look is Do it Tomorrow App which I usually just write my grocery list on. It also has a widget to take up part of your phone/tablet screen.

What is cool about the Quest task list is you set up your list of things to do and there is your hero and then the monster at the end of the line. One you complete your task.

As a quest or task is completed you see the hero take a stab at the monster and drop a gem. Collecting the gems makes the character level up and have cooler armor and weapons and sorts. Being a visual person and a completionist this is intriguing. So far after 3 objectives one levels up. 

I'm a sucker for electronics. I'm not really an early adopter. But I like to try out different things and experiment. I have: a google nexus 6 phone, a samsung tablet, 3 computers, 2 laser printers, an ipod,  6 different kinds of speakers, and i'm not quite sure how many headphones and earbuds I own.. I bought all this stuff for myself except the tablet that was a gift.

Late last year despite complaining about my Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 I got an ipod touch early this year. Some of my friends questioned what made me decide to get an ipod when one can listen to music on their phone.

One reason I choose the ipod was the sound quality in listening to music is clear, while on the phone there is some distortion and isn't as balanced in listening to music.
Despite never being able to clap in tune with a beat and no sense of rhythm I can hear music. I'm an audiophille. For example a song like this is groovy but if you didn't deconstruct the layers of music in there, there actually is an organ playing in the background.

Another reason is a lot of apps i've seen that seem cool or random are all for the Apple store. And When I finally got an ipod for me its so hard to find apps and the interface is confusing. Oh well I'll figure it out someday.

Another note the phone I currently have is the google nexus 6.
I used to have the nexus 4 but some idiot stole that one on top of having a terrible day that day. And I'm glad to have opted in never finding out who it was because I blank out when I'm real angry.

The nexus 6 is a whale and it can defeat practically
any phone in a sumo match except one person I know. 

The nexus has a phenomenal camera, processing power and battery life (I can leave it on for 2 days with high power apps on). Last week my friend was insulting my lack of direction in new areas. I keep insisting I already know and quit throwing it in my face. If they didn't quit insulting me I would seriously throw a brick and since I didn't have a brick I almost opted to throw my phone at them. I had this phone fall on my face before and it felt like a brick and my lips were swollen for 3 days...

With this fun side quest I'm still on the path of Journey this week.
Its on my new Quest: Level up your life list!
 just wanted to post something before next month.

See you! Until next time
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Just because people complain
I hide my face too much! 

Accidently deleted most of the posts from this month.

It has been an eventful week. I celebrated my 24th birthday. Got more experience points and leveled up. I feel like I have a fresh perspective on a lot of things, more refined, look the best I have looked  and feel more mature and grew a few milometers.  I had a lot of fun. Everyone wanted to spoil me with I didn't get much candy this year but an abundance of home cooked meats, a scratch card and long island iced teas and other interesting trinkets. Summer is nearing to an end and its ending perfectly to get ready ready for the fall and focus on new projects. 

I like to improve and progress as a person. I think of try to grow to the point that I cannot get along with the persona of who I was last year and so fourth.

So I really want to focus and do so much more!
Its like they say its you are either: Running from something, standing still or running toward something.

I got the art of Journey out of a gift card my sister got me. Its one of the most beautiful games ever, art, design, story, gameplay. In the next week or so I'll have a review along with a video. Also the book has an augmented reality where 3d models come to life with an app through a tablet or phone. I'm excited to share my Journey!

One of the last epic vacations I did this summer. Just got back from the road I went to go see a broad way musical at the Denver Performing arts in one of the Opera houses. I've never fully seen a Broadway production but it was an awesome life experience.

I went to go see The Book of Mormon. It was fantastic. Brilliant and jaw hurting hilarious. I didn't find out until after it was written by the south park writers. Its a satire so if you are one of those people who gets offended easily it isn't for you.

This was an epicly fun week with my birthday and going on a small road trip and made new memories.
I just got this new terrible habit of photobombing people's selfies with peace signs.  And then be wack enough trying to take one in an elevator with other people before the doors opened.

Lace up K
Wanted to show off my oxford heels/

This week if you didn't know Corel Painter 2016 has been released.
Painter is a digital painting program that emulates traditional mediums.
My new blog background was created using Painter 2016. With the Real Watercolor brush.

Looks real eh? The particle mapping is a bit more random and does not look formulaic and digital.

There are many new features in 2016 that one must try, Its more stable than
I've been using Painter since 8 and its come a long way from X crashing all the time. If there is a feature that you want in future versions write Corel a letter and say what you want. There have been several features added on with requests from artists. I am glad they have taken into consideration in some features I have wanted in the last couple of versions. There is a few more things I want added before I'll give a solid 10/10

For now 9/10 and in up coming weeks share new features and tips for having your workflow run smoothly in Corel Painter 2016.

Generally in the realm of Digital Painting I pride myself in being an Optical Illusionist. Where I either try to mimic traditional mediums while using digital mediums or if I photo manipulate a photo it looks natural and unphotoshopped.

As much as I love the look and the feel of traditional paints, watercolors and mediums I don't have time to use them. Waiting for paint to dry between layers and such.

Before one organizes their Painter work space increase your performance by switching out of Enhanced Brush Ghost mode by changing your preferences. I like the Iconic Classic mode the enhanced brush modes eats your ram up like candy. For just the thumbnail of the brush you are using to paint. Strokes take longer to register which can be work flow distributive.

I like to hide my toolbar on my other monitor hence the cut-off portion on the right

Its not fully customized yet with my tweaked brushes I like this arrangement. 

My Paint brushes are my main rendering tools. I use digital watercolors to get my color base at first, which I have hidden in another tab.

To be Continued!

On another note the release date keeps shiftig on this game for Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. September 1 seems definite keep your fingers crossed! I'll definitely get this game before the year is out!! The (supposed) Final Chapter!
Part of me is really hyped about this game and another skeptic. 
Mixed Feelings!
I like the initial teaser trailer and conspiracies before the big reveal now it seems so melodramatic and be another tear jerker game. 

At least Keifer Sutherland is good. I'll still miss David Hayter. Also people are not too upset like when the reboot of DMC was announced and people refused to play the game because Dante did not have white hair... I played it because Ninja Theory has some of the best combat dynamics in the stylized fighting game genre. 

The Abridged Series of Metal Gear Solid I in a nutshell.

Metal Gear used to be hilarious and broke the 4th wall now its too serious and between 3&4 it is a tear jerker game that plays the feel string's violin.
For kicks several times I was the friend in the blue shirt and says Colonel tells you...Those are fighting words my friend!

My #1 most annoying characters in video games Raiden

At first when you hear this before you play Metal Gear 3 it sounds like so James Bond-esque and its kind of humorous. But as you play the game Snake Eater plays during the saddest part of the game so it conditions one to be all teary eyed. 

People have walked in on me while playing MGS 3&4 and ask what is wrong why are you bawling your eyes out? *Sniff  I'm playing this game and its just so sad and good. *Sniff don't judge.

I really hope 5 isn't a tear jerker. I can't take it this time.

My friend posted this and I didn't realize this game was so serious. When I played FFIV to me it was hilariously melodramatic in the way it was written back 20 something years ago. In the beginning of the game you are a sentimental dark knight who destroys villages to only transform to a white knight paladin and save the world and the moon.

On another side note my best friend thinks its absolutely hilarious if you are playing an online game to ask people,
"Now what's Cooler than bein' cool?"

I won't give away the answer it kind of determines if people are around our age group. I started asking people this as well and people struggle for the answer!
If you do know the answer its funny to ask people. And if you don't know the answer read up on some internet memes. And once you know its a fun prank to do.