Leonid Meteor Shower

Weather Channel -Leonid Meteor Shower

I currently live in the South West. So I have clear viability. I don't have to go far live near an empty field near the end of my town and the light pollution isn't bad. So one can see the night sky very clearly.

This meteor shower can be seen northern and southern hemisphere. Today and tomorrow between midnight and dawn.

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I doubt I will get any pictures from this. They are fast by the time you notice them they are gone. Unless I had a camera set for burst shooting continuously like a stop motion animation I might. One does not have a direct path were they might see a meteor

I saw a meteor a few weeks ago and some think of it as a wishing star. I was amazed and never seen one in person before.
It was too amazing that I didn't think to wish for anything.

If you want to believe in all the zodiac sign mumbo jumbo I am a leo and miss being a virgo by several hours. Normally it is a summer constellation but I guess Earth is orbiting by,

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Hope a lot of people see it!


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