November 1st International Self Portrait Day

Today on November 1st is International self portrait day.
This event and tradition was started by

I have not done a self portrait for a long time. This year the idea that sparked me to participate was thinking about the thumbnails of the character selection menu in fighting games. An example would be games like street fighter, Super Smash Bros. Mortal Kombat etc. A cartoon version, I don't have time to do a detailed self reflection study in a relatively quick time, just something quick and fun.

Character Stats +
||+Active Imagination                                            ||
||+Ambitious                                                          ||
||+Instant Reflex ability with Counter Attack       ||
||+Mixed Media Artist                                           ||
||+Ambidextrous                                                    || 
||+Ambivert                                                           ||
Character Stats -
||-Short Attention Span                                                                             ||
||-Cannot multi-task                                                                                  ||
||-Needs to be Caffeinated on a consistent basis to work smoothly         ||
||-Selective hearing                                                                                   ||
||-Small stature below average height.                                                     ||
||-Accused of being a natural charmer. No flirting skills.                        ||

+*Level up Bonus: Can learn a Kata faster than stylish Dance moves.

*Cheat Code Special combo Round House kick + in high heels.*

//Ultimate Fatality Instant K.O- Classic ******** Slap if highly agitated in black out enraged mode\\

Old oil painting I did of myself a few years back. Started out great and 
then it ended up as a mudslide after overpainting areas I liked. An 
exercise in paint sketching better. 

Here are a few screenshots from about the event.

I used to always be on CA. I have a special place in my heart for it but I tried returning a few times and the people and friends I knew are gone and the new crop of people were extreme and rude hobbyists who I don't know why they draw. The layout changed and has never had a full layout update since 2003, my crappy first blog kept getting views. The inspirational and motivational well is dry. I'm not sure if Massive Black is still affiliated with CA anymore. Time changes things and I haven't found a recent replacement for CA, or CGhub.

Some cool and awesome things happened in CA I will never forget. I met one good friend from there and it all started from a misunderstanding of if I was at another workshop in SF or not.
I got some brutal insulting critiques that made me think and improve my work.
Or when I went to a MB workshop there was a guy sitting next to me taking a lot of pictures. I didn't realize who he was in person. I didn't think much of it until I saw his blog post about the event and realized there was only one person on the right of me taking pictures at the time in that angle. Also this person lived 3 hours away from where I am. The thing that haunts me the most from being on my artistic journey, it is terribly sad and disappointing when people give up their craft and don't fulfill who they are supposed to be. Or never grow as an artist and like to stay stagnant and complacent. If you don't fulfill your dreams or life purpose you pay it with the price of not doing it with misery, pain and suffering unfortunately.

Part of the history of self portrait day 

It is an interesting transition the artist Andrew Jones aka. Android Jones one of the founders of the studio Massive Black and In the early 2000's Andrew embarked on an artistic journey of drawing a self portrait every day for a thousand days. That voyage took about 3 years. It is fascinating at the beginning of this great feat Andrew struggled for a while trying to come up with different ideas and styles. It was a design challenge to keep all the initial ideas fresh and interesting. But toward the end one can see Andrew developed his signature style that millions recognize today.

Did you know Dutch artist Rembrandt Van Rijn painted almost 100 self portraits of himself in a span of forty years? It is interesting to see Rembrandt's life story and artist journey as well: to a curious young man, living in luxury and frivolity, and struggles of loss of abundance and love happen to him in his elderly years.

I've grown to really appreciate and love Rembrandt's work. I never really paid much attention to what Rembrandt was doing when I was younger until my Mentor made me aware and told me as an ongoing assignment to analyze Rembrandt. The genius and mechanics of his technique is awe inducing, He is meticulous in light washes of grayscale and then layers with translucent color until it is more opaque. The use of chiaroscuro, it is interesting the dark blacks he uses in his paintings are not just black but a series of complementary colors in earth tones built up.  Also in those days tubes of paint did not exist so the paints used were natural resources like minerals, dyes, elements, etc. Earth tones were the most common pigment it was more available then other colors like violet was coveted highly, created from flowers and all. It was something that usually the student or apprentice would create the paint grind and mix the pigment for the artist while they painted.

I have yet to see one of Rembrandt's paintings in real life. One of my things to do list in life before I pass on. Nothing beats being around great masterpiece artwork one can see the colors vibrantly in front of them and also feel the spirit and presence of the piece. Some of the feeling cannot be substituted in a photograph. It is like perhaps live music you can't feel the heart throbbing rib shaking bass in full effect on a cd. It doesn't work as well it isn't the same.
 Like when I went to the Nicolai Fechin show that was incredible looking at a set of brilliant work all in one place and even more powerful that the art show was located at his residence and studio.

No time for fake and flake people. 
Got rid of the last one this week.
Dope samples btw.


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