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1,000 hits
Yay! I made it this week!
Thank you very much dear viewer.

I expected this blog when I first started to die off like most of my online presences the characters have died off my multiple story lines. I'm glad everything is still alive kicking and I hope to bring more Musings and Quips from an Artist's perspective!!! Even if you are not an artist or am one I hope to bring a light read, entertainment or tips.

I'm happy that in some ways I've started to communicate better in speech and text and to express a lot of feelings publicly. Although I still find myself hyperventilating at conventions and large scale workshops and trying to find a suitable place to hide when invited to large dinner party I'll stand in the corner with my hat on trying to hide my face.

Besides that I hope to improve. Hope you'll be there along more of the way. Thank you so much for your support and hope to celebrate more milestones.

This week has been a double milestone post. 1,000 hits and views and this is post number #40!
So I'll recap the top 5 favorite posts among readers! Hit the link on the title to access the full post.

A word from Dr. Horrible and his sing-along blog from the movie with the same title.
The movie is one of my favorites about an aspiring small time villain who desires to be in the Evil League of Evil. He sings his criminal exploits on his blog posts. Unfortunately I'm not singing anytime soon. Thank goodness. I'm terribly awesomely terrible. Babies will cry, Dogs will cry out, the undead will stir and the kraken will be released, and a meteor shower will rain fire from the sky. So no. No singing.

One of my personal favorite post that did not make the top 5 list and gets honorable mention but still made the top 10 list is Counter Productive Sipag. Which actually is a wordplay of Counter Productive Hardworking. Sipag in Tagalog means hardworking.

Honorable mention #2 that did not make the top Naw thing is Forseen Tranquility showcases how far I have come. Theses were sketches I when I was 12 and drew in composition notebooks. Back then when I first desired to do what I didn't know was a Concept Artist was.

Top 5

5) Audiophile & Art Dump +
Most recent art dump. With a morbid amount of tracks and art to cover my loss of losing my music player. I still haven't found a suitable replacement yet that carries all my music.

4) Make Time for Yourself
One of my favorite posts to write. Relax make time for yourself. Its hard to relax and take a break. You deserve a break if you work all the time. And if you slack off all the time work harder. Don't lose hope in progress.

This is your day

First post, and a little something about my intentions and hopes for this blog. I had no idea way back then what I wanted to do. Interesting how I mentioned the word Musings in there!

2) Sweet Solid State
I got another hardrive in my empty second hardrive slot. The results were astounding. It felt like I had another computer. I've had the same computer for 5 years. I just keep changing and upgrading the parts.

Style ranking as in Devil May Cry 3


I love this game its fast paced and makes your fingers sore! , It's an adrenaline rush when you rack up points and see the style meter up. Gunslinging, sword fighting with a variety of weapons. Although the game play is fun and one of my friends gets all mad when I say this one isn't exactly my favorite. He says that total blasphemy.

The music is dope and one of the best of the themes in videogames. I know all the words to the the themes. Its one of the only games that I will sing along and sway back and forth.

It still sets him off is  the fact when I said Dante isn't the sexy male character in video games that the ladies go wow! Well, some of them. For me Not me I wasn't impressed.  Dante needs to put his shirt back on in DMC3.

The designs in DMC3  are dull compared to the first one. Monster designs are relatively the same rehashed with different colors..
 And above all Dante needs to put his shirt back on. I'm used to playing him as an old man with a shirt.

Another fond memory of playing this game my senior year of high school.
One time I was playing this game late at night and I was keeping my friend Asge company on the phone to keep her mind off things since her Grandmother just died. And we were talking and all of sudden there was a woohoo! And she asked what that was and I said....and described the action taking place.
The tower dive is one of the most awesome scenes. It pushed the PS2 graphics to the max.

I was like um well I doubled jumped, made a magic circle shot a few enemies made another magic circle and propelled myself and swung around a stripper pole and while doing that exclaimed Woohoo! and spring launched propelled myself away.
Fun game.
 Good times.

Another note the new Dmc made from Ninja Theory is fantastic and fun to play even though Dante doesn't have white hair. Creative level design. Marvelous concept art.

I think Ninja Theory's game Heavenly sword is way better in gameglay and story than DMC4 which were released for the PS3.

1) Color Studies
Studies. Studies. Studies.
Color studies. This was a fun assignment I did at the Academy of Art University the history of American Illustration class.

I always avoided doing studies I thought they were overrated. But I highly recommend if you have the right intention. To follow the artist stroke by stroke. And feel what they went through like an actor. If you are just copying just to copying then it will look dull and not have a presence or impact in the re-created piece.

These color studies were images we have seen in the class from prominent American Illustrators. All the images from the study were from ones I liked. The absolute #1 favorite is from Howard Pyle who I had to stop myself from making it a complete Howard Pyle study session!

When I drew this at the time I knew the person I had a crush didn't feel the same way as I had. My feelings were one-sided. So I felt the emotion of the piece. I played the part in being the man crying and the mermaid dying. Two lovers toward apart. It was a glorified pity party in a sublimating way. It wasn't a magic marker for improving conditions. Alas its still a lovely image regardless.

Also I googled this post and also spelled it wrong and I was the #1 popup.


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