Don't Fight it 9-5

I've been on this new schedule for the past week or so. It was a struggle at first but I find it more efficient.

I work from 9-5.

Working 9-5 and not the am to pm kind.
9pm to 5am.

I have found I can never get up early unless it is an urgent thing or a life changing moment. Such as I'm moving, have a plane to catch or got a new electronic device or something. I don't get up extra early to play video games like I used to when I was in middle school.

 Other then that waking up at 5am is like impossible. I cannot do that even if I were to go to sleep at 8pm. Time just escapes from me in that manner. Some relatives used to poke fun at that I could practically sleep through anything.

Staying up till 5am is much easier and more natural for me to do. My biological clock is wired that way.

Random decent sketch. I didn't know what I wanted to sketch just yet, 
just something with the pink tiger lilies. Everyone likes roses! 

A couple of years ago I would attempt to work on the ideal model of 9am to 5pm. Problem was I would distract myself. Find people online. Even on a weekday I'd find some way to mess around. Soon enough I found myself playing video games at these hours.
I would log on my playstation and play multi-player games.

It was interesting in how since kids are at school there are pretty nucg just adults playing.
Sorry kiddos but if your like 7 or 11 playing and I sneak up from behind and do a vice grip choke to take you out after firing a few warning shots don't be mad. Any type of high pitch scream of a loser is annoying and intolerable. Learn how to play the game. I think that move is justified. 1 point for me none for you. I show no mercy.
My clan tag is D!E ain't no joke. You get the first laugh and I'll get the last. When you have to go after me. And get your friends and whole team after me. I excel in the arts of psychological warfare if I can win exponentially.

So yeah normal 9-5 doesn't work.

Back on point it's an experiment and process to find out what time your creative peak and productiveness aligns with. But don't pick a time when you are not happy to be working on your art. Don't fight against your own nature or biological clock in working on a time table that doesn't suit you. You are just gonna make yourself miserable.

I used to work on art from about 6pm to 2am but then AGAIN I started finding things to distract myself or got distracted by something else. The later you work its harder to stop and take a break and go out and get snacks. You are stuck with what you have in the fridge. Unless you want to take the risk and go to the local gas station where creepers are creepin.' at 3a.m

I forgot at the moment I was sketching this
I heard something kinda funny. I forgot what it was and I added the expression of Oh Snap!
Also with a mundane sleepy face just to add some dry humor in my life. 
Will change the facial expression later to match what will eventually happen in the piece. 

There are a couple people who I know can beat me in staying up till 7-9am-ish in the morning without breaking a sweat. They don't hang out online they just do whatever activity they do pretty much alone . Problem is its unpredictable if you stay up that late whether one wakes up at 1pm or 11am. I've timed it where I get up about 8:30 or 9:30am.

The advantages of working 9pm to 5am is no one I can find online on instant messenger that can distract me. It's quiet and personally more relaxing to work at night. I find a slight satisfaction to know while everyone is sleeping I'm working. At night I cannot really tell what time it is I don't feel as much pressure to perform. Also I can't run and get snacks as much. No snacks. :(

Also I like the idea, work till you drop do some artwork and things.
The greatest ultimate reward I can give myself is sleep.

Everyone is practically considered an early bird. Whether one stays up all night or wakes up early. As long as you are doing something you like.

9pm to 5pm just happens to work for me. Its not set in stone. Hope you can find what time you are most productive and creative!

Goodnight and Good morning.
Guten tag      Gut Nachte
and or Good afternoon


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