Sweet Solid State

SSS! in the game Devil May Cry4 in stylish point ranking =Smokin' Sick Style.

Finally. After a few months of eyeing a solid state hard drive I have one now. And new ram. Yuuuuss! WoowHoo! I'm on a joy ride. I was hesitant of getting one. But it was worth the risk despite what friends of mine have said. Feels like a new computer.

My setup is a dell studio 1737 which now has 8gb or ram and a Crucial Solid State Hard drive 240gb. Booting up the computer only takes about 30 seconds. And programs like Photoshop and Corel Painter load instantly.

A new feature in the latest versions of Corel Painter 12 and X3 is the real watercolor and oils. It simulates live paint and dries once the stroke is place. Which is amazing to watch the paint dry but at the same time it makes the computer feel like its sprinting up a mountain. And failing miserbly.

The slow computer has put a halt on digital painting for a few weeks and doing speed paintings have been almost virtually impossible.

This was done last month. >___> My bad.  Arroyo Seco 1hr 45mins. Saw a herd of cows one day wished I was closer to observe them and sketch. It reminded me of a place near where I grew up called Vacaville. Which if one knew basic spanish they would get the idea of what is there.

I'm back on track with my upgrades. Everything is so fast I'm readjusting with a stress free no hiccup performance computer. All this makes me go Nemurenai Aru mode.

Nemurenai Aru from the anime Gintama. One of the best long-running animes out there. 


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