I shifted the blog interface, and quickened the loan speeds and made archived posts easier to navigate by title.
Sorry I didn't realize how the main site was so slow! I'd joke about it but didn't realize it was ridiculously bandwidth crunching. It interrupted netflix when I viewed it and checked it from the viewer's perspective!
But all is well.

There is one more thing I need to tweak so it'll be pretty obvious soon what it is
so I won't even mention.

Enjoy the new design.

Sorry my website is still down. If you have attempted to see it.
:'( It's taking longer to revise and update everything than I expected. There is a glitch that is a uber pain that conflicts all my hard work that U've done.
80% done
For sure before the end of this month...which isn't long and shouldn't take as long.
So I'll let you know when repairs are completed.
See you soon.
I just need to fix that one thing that is epicly bothering me from showing anyone anything.

See you soon!


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