Forseen Tranquility

Good Morning & Happy late 4th of July?


Normally I don't watch fireworks and haven't watched them in years. I simply avoid them. But I did watch some this time around. I went outside and I got nostalgic. I remembered some things I had forgotten and for some events I've re-experienced multiple flashbacks. Strange.  I remembered the real reason why I stay home on this holiday. Sometimes I wish I didn't have a good memory.

Anyway one of the things I've thought of was Forseen Tranquility. Forseen Tranquility is the name of the composition notebook I owned for over 10 years. Beat up and stuff.

I remember the day I got it. It was a February 14th and it was around the time my family and I moved back to the States. We were at the BX something made me gravitate toward a composition book. I had always kept it with me despite being teased and being the creepy kid with a notebook. Kind of like DeathNote?

Nah. Not that creepy. 

This type of creepy. L. Seriously just kidding. Moving on.

Originally it was named Spider's Web knot or something but my sister convinced me otherwise to name it something else.She mentioned tranquility and I had no idea as a 12-year-old what that meant but it sounded cool otherwise. But speaking from the future my life has been relatively peaceful compared to what it had been at that time.

First drawing I did in that book. Haven't redone this character in a long time. Its a boring character.

My main point is points of progress. Every time I looked back at seen improvement and I've a long way. Some of my acquaintances from back in middle school can recall the days I lugged around a composition book and quite simply sucked. And some of these people don't even want to see me now. When I started going to the Academy of Art University I lost a lot of (fake) friends. C'est la vie.

The different stages and progress points  and the ones I can recall are:

The black composition phase- For some time I only drew in composition books and was terribly shy in showing anything it was like a secret diary or observation journal. Did this until high school until I got into the advanced class.

The cheap sketchbook phase-I saw other advanced art students with the cheap brown sketchbook with the hand drawing then. But when I moved it was really hard to find this one so I transitioned to...

The Hardbound
Looks like a regular hardcover book. Somewhat like my head banner. Kind of gives a homage to the composition book days.

At some point I stopped naming each sketchbook, but rather right wrote an inspirational quote inside. Which I still do. I'm kind of bummed that in certain sketchbooks I've stopped writing the dates. Of start and completion. Oh well.

Sometimes it helps when imaging and creating an image to come up with a fancy title, catchy pun or just a simple string of words. So almost everyone had a theme and a name. To help out with the creative process and flow.

 Pop quiz what is that scribble on the bottom of the page?

I forgot what it was but my fingers remembered.

Its this

I was playing this at the time.

It was tough reinventing this. First off I never envisioned this with color. And most of the design aspects were impractical. Side by side 2003isn &2013ish. It was fun and a labor of agony.Have to do it again sometimes. Its a bench mark to see how much I can recreate but maintain the same essence and persona.

This is post #25. I never thought I would get this far. Or had anything interesting to say. Some things I find ordinary to me but is extraordinary for someone else once I share something. Improvement doesn't come overnight it takes years of struggle that it hurts so much to suck. And practice is the only remedy 

Peace. & Thank you :]

                              Tripped out when this was featured in Watchdogs in the Merulot hotel.


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