Make Time for Yourself

Make time for yourself. Most of the time I forget to take time for myself to relax and not always go pedal to the metal. After taking it easy one day this week I feel rejuvenated. Started that day with an Americano, some video games, light sketching. Even made my favorite seafood dish from scratch. It was wonderful.

This is one of my best plays in a deathmatch in Uncharted 3. Unfortunately I have more but when another player uses a hacker mod to cheat in that particular session there is a glitch preventing anyone from looking back at the recorded video. Douche bags.

Later on this week somebody had asked me what do you do besides art? I realized how awkward that was. Had to think about it. I had to be honest there isn't much I do in my free time that doesn't involve it. Whether its a movie, video games, comics. I don't know what art is not in.
It had me thinking what do I do besides art? Possibly nothing I can think of. Er well almost everything that I do relates to. My world revolves around it.
Nothing is wrong with me? Or is there? I don't feel anything. I don't think its sad. I don't feel miserable or lonely.

                      Wandering around Near Bush & Pine St. in SF around ish

Back to relaxation

If you always hanging in there with lack of sleep. Get some Sleep from time to time. The world will be a much better place and clarity will come in mind. Almost everything that didn't make sense will make some sense at some point. If you're always sleeapin' WAKE UP. Honestly.

Life is short yada yada. Life is exciting and there is so much around us that one does not realize. It mystified or more like stupefied me that the last art workshop I attended last summer in San Francisco that people were complaining, "Oh I'm so tired." Or at home I have my cush computer chair instead of sitting on this hard wooden bench while drawing is difficult. Life is so hard. I'm tired. I'm hungry. Lets go rest AGAIN." Excuses.

Heck I can draw standing up, sitting down, laying down and if I could maintain upside down.

 Seriously if being in San Francisco and learning from an esteemed artist does not astound you.    
My GAWD if that does not excite than WHAT ever will? SERIOUSLY?!
Wanted to shake these people and possibly smack them with enthusiasm! As Socar from the Ninja Mountain Podcast would say in her Scotish accent, "Yer doin' it Wrong A....gain!"
You're in the wrong profession then. Find something else to do.

Your heart is beating is that not exciting? I thank my sister for sharing this.

Now I'm ranting about art again. When will I ever truly relax? Its the middle of the night and I'm compelled to go over to my easel. Can't let this moment of enthusiasm go to waste. I wanted to make a post about relaxing, tried to but I can't. My head is spinning with velocity.

I've heard multiple times in my life, "You are what you think about most of the time." I'm an artist so therefore art is what I think about most of the time.

Aha Peace- Going to ATTEMPT relax more. Play some video games and get some sketch'in done. ;]


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