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I've been grumpy and have totally been a grouch lately.  My mp3 player broke. because the  charge port had been abused from continuously being used TTTT____TTTTT I have had the samsung galaxy player 5.0 for a few years. It was a mini tablet and mp3 player.

So to soften the blow the Warranty company is going to reimburse me for the warranty and the price for what I had originally paid for. Since they deemed it unfix-able and its still under my 3 year hardware warranty.

But the big issue now is that mini tablets have practically been discontinued because the majority of people use their phone as an mp3 player or get a huge tablet. Countless friends joke about how I'm the cool kid on the block with two phones. I'm an audiophile and the sound quality from a phone and a dedicated music player is night and day to me. I had the 5.0 before I got a "Smart" phone.

 But I like my mp3 player and phone to be separate. I don't like clicks, whistles and people calling when I listen to music and in the zone with making art. It breaks my concentration.

Sorry I got distracted with my point with this rant. So my options that are irritating me are 7inch tablets or built in memory devices that run from 6 inches. Problem is last year I upgraded my 32gb micro sd card to a 64gb and I would like to use it. I've owned a 7in tablet before this 5.0, and I broke it from dropping it all the time since it did not fit in my pockets.

I've gotten to be a cranky old grandma that is set in the ways. No change please. But guess that I'll have to adapt unwillingly.

Anyway so I'm wired to my computers. Still listening to tracks. So enjoy the overload of music and art. ;] I've been quiet for too long.

Onward sorry if you have slow internet. Hope I don't freeze your computer, tablet or phone.

Sketches and sketches and even more sketches. I have so many ideas that I come up with. Can't find all the ones I wanted to show off. But here are some. So I'll dump them here. Also one aspect I wanted to show is how small I work. And from something so small I can bring it into photoshop and make it bigger. My hands are small but in the picture one can kind of guess how small I generally work.

I wanted to draw this image since I was in highschool. It's a tiger vs. crow. Martial arts with dilapidated buildings in the background. I have the skills now to complete and convey what I want to with this image.

Another note. Awhile back my friend and I had a interesting conversation and somewhat debate. He was saying that hip hop has changed over the last 15 years or so. His argument was that now in days most people pay attention to the beat instead of the lyrics in rap music. I admitted to him that most of the time I catch the beat first before getting the lyrics. I'm like everybody else. Pretty much we discussed after Dr. Dre it was all about the groove in hip hop. But a change of pace is nice after awhile hearing poetry in a song. Currently the most most recent song that has awesome poetry that is somewhat is ignored is the song 3005.

Here are a few examples of my favorite emcees, where its really not about the groove but about the poetry.

Perfect lyrical smoothie. The flow and poetry I used to listen to this in high school all time. It was theme song. Yo regardless.

I used to listen to Highs 2 Lows and Paradise all the time. People would ask what I was listening to because I always had my ipod when I transferred my junior year in high school. Life ain't no crystal stair. A little love from Langston Hughes.

The last bit of poetry is so smooth.

Cause when them checks clear, they're not here
Cause they don't care
It's kinda sad, but I'm laughing whatever happens
Assassins are stabbed in the back of my cabin
Labrador yapping.

The assassin's verse is my favorite line in the song. Elegant.

So dedicated fans I've waited 6 years for this.  Uyama Hiroto's cd Freedom of the Sun.

He's real mellow but I really like the essence and soul Hiroto brings to his beats. So buy it!You know you want it.

Another point if your'e reading this far. On 10/23/14 there is a partial solar eclipse! I love to take pictures of eclipses and solar events with my camera. I haven't seen a solar eclipse since I was 8! I seen a bunch of Lunar Eclipses. But my first one was a total solar eclipse that in the middle of the day it got dark. Some people never witness this phenomena in their entire life! I've been so fortunate to have seen a total solar eclipse.

 I've always been a resident stargazer and can find constellations. I've seen all the planets with my eyes through a telescope. Seeing Jupiter and its moons are amazing. One of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life. It takes precision and careful execution to take pictures of planets and stars. One cannot burst shoot. My camera the panasonic FZ100 weakness is taking pictures in the dark but I work with it and adjust for it. I can go on and on about astronomy. I'm just an enthusiastic hobbyist.  I'm super psyched to have seen one again  if you can't tell. It was a partial so most of the sun was exposed. If you were not aware it was happening people have missed the majority of the phenomena.

 A couple of examples of astronomy pictures from a while back. A Lunar eclipse, it is red because Mars was in the trajectory of the moon. If you live in North America like I do Mars can only be seen in the winter time mostly late at night.

These two songs are constantly stuck in my head.
Chotto Matte

Nothing can calm the savage beast but music. I keep saying that to myself every time I get irritated that everything is quiet without my music player.


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