Sketches -More of May

Figure Drawings I did a few weeks ago. I really wanted to show although the colors are scribled lines they wrap around the form! I was a little bummed that my box of nupastels didn't have red in it. It was in another box I left at home. So I had to make due with pink and orange for some parts. M she had fresh red flowers she arranged for her hair that day. I was sad not to capture that and since red is a primary color I couldn't just mix it. These were done in less that a half hour!
I played with the effects of some colors look different when they are beside certain colors. I've experimented of putting green on as a skin tone without making it look gnarly. 

I'm also working on some sketches to render in illustration markers. Which I'll talk and show later this week or next week.

 "Best Friends"


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