May Day Two

It is the second annual May Day and once again we will talk about some exciting game releases that will be terribly distracting.

Also next month on June 11-13 is E3 the Electronic Entertainment Expo!!

If you do not know what E3 and the significance of it is essentially Christmas in June for Gamers and the like when new hardware, new games in development are revealed, game trailers, teasers and gameplay is jam packed in a 3 day expo.  Along with numerous game companies. The Big 3 Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have press conferences.

This festival is so massive at times when one is watching the live conferences the servers for game sites like Gamespot, IGN, Game Informer, GT (Game trailers) will be down because so many people go on to see it that it overloads the server at times. Its amazing videos uploaded within minutes have thousands of views already.

Speaking of which the other day I was intrigued by Square Enix's display of their new game Agni's Philosophy.

It is a tech demo so the long version can seem a bit boring if you are not into like omg polygons. For me it wasn''t as exciting as all the media outlets lead me to believe.

 Here is the short version. Which is more straight on point.

Longer demonstration which features more playing with filters and turn-arounds for a couple of characters.

Original reveal trailer from like 3 years ago.

I personally have mixed feelings about Square Enix's new games they have been developing in recent years. I do have a soft spot for their games because I grew up with them. My preferences and tastes for game have changed. I haven't played Final Fantasy 13 or any of its installments of 13 the series. The new 14-15 I lose track of the numbers looks like it will be a soppy love story with two opposing sides and as one of my friends said looks like a whole bunch of bishis on a road trip.

It's one of those things a game can look visually pleasing and have lots of eye candy but if the gameplay is terrible and overall does not work mechanically that isn't fun to play all of this tech mumbo jumbo is all in vain. Who cares if you can change the camera angle or filter lights when you want if there is a boss fight and the camera fishes to a un-desirable point and makes you lose...people are gonna be angry.

Unless you are die-hard FF fan nobody will buy the games as much or giving it raving good reviews.


I grew out of my habit of Brand loyalty with a game about 4 years ago. I don't have to necessarily have to finish all the games in a series to feel like a completionist. My gamer tag indicates I generally average and finish about 43% to 51% of game. I don't do all the side missions as much anymore in a game unless I really like it. I don't Platinum Trophy every game I play. I don't have time nor the patience to play through games that I do not like or are terrible anymore.

Like for example Assasin's Creed although it is a historical series it sup Sci-Fi elements and has the most shocking cliff hangers at the end of the game.

ACII had a shocking ending and ACIII had a even more wilder ending. Although it was like totally unexpected I still haven't picked up the game AC:Black Flag to see what happens next.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition.

In March Devil May cry 4 was remastered and  has included new playable characters such as Vergil! Who was missing in action except for Yamamoto his katana. I fangirled out when I heard, "I need more power!" I hope they fill some of the numerous plot holes in this game. Also too bad it's on PS4 and I only have a 3.

Probably my favorite part of this game is the beginning unfortunately the first fight against Dante the protaganist from the series and also the well choreographed one armed fight that Nero handles well.

The end of the other cut scene alludes to the first game. Honestly this was one of the grossest scenes I've seen in a game. Beware it is a M-rated game so if you are below 17 you shouldn't watch or play these types of games. It isn't good for you.

Shocking Moment in A video game: Resident Evil 4 -which is M for Mature 

While we are on the topic of gross my most shocking moment in a video game. I got corned in a room in a house after the infested villager peasants run after you along with Dr. Salvador a.k.a Chainsaw guy.

So the Dr. gets close and then next thing you know since I was playing this on the PS2 the screen all of a sudden it turns red and then I literally saw Leon's head get lopped off and roll in slow motion before the saying You are Dead slowly appears on the screen. I remember when that happened I sat there for like awhile with my mouth open with dis-belief trying to wrap my head around the subject. (pun intended)

Last Guardian??????

Is this game even being made or will it ever be released? It tugs on the feel strings.

One anticipated game I'm waiting for is the Phantom Pain 

I love suspense and psychological thrillers as movies and for it to be well implemented in a game is pretty sweet which I don't see often. I usually can't guess the ending or predict the movie with this genre.

On a side note I used to annoy my old roommate by predicting movie scenes, plots and even saying what the actor would say seconds in advance. We didn't really like the same movies so the feeling was mutual. 

The initial reveal trainer did not mention it was actually Metal Gear Solid V. So it was exciting that many people had guessed it was part of MGS before the big reveal almost a year later.

But despite its strong thriller feel at first I feel like it might be like MGS 4 where there is too much story in the game where the cut scenes are longer than the actual game play of the game. And after the Phantom Pain was revealed to be MGS the trailers and gameplay trailer seem boring and way too long.

The Division 

I went on for awhile about Japanese games but Ubisoft still makes some interesting games besides AC. This looks fun to play!! Single or Multiplayer mode. 

Uncharted 4

U3 was a bit disappointing after the greatness of Uncharted 2. U3's multiplayer is still fun and play it from time to time. This trailer is like OMG. But also the series writer and Creative Director Amy Henning is not part of the project and left Naughty Dog. I have mixed feelings about this.

Games I'm playing right now----

The Last of Us
I finally decided to play it and for now the story is a bit touching. And for now I'm not as patient a gamer to play survival games when resources are limited. It's frustrating at times. The game seems a bit slow for my touch but maybe I am not on the interesting part yet? Also I'm not all that interested in Survival Horror as a genre and Zombies as well that much anymore.

Currently I am playing GOW: Origins
-Some of my friends I didn't know they were gamers lent a copy of the first game to another game. Recently we had talked about the series and how great it was. Also kind of like old games were one is well the A attack is better than B attack because it is quicker and more efficient. So I never played the origins on the psp so I picked up the remastered one. It is a bit easy but the levels are not too long to play for a short play-time.

The person who showed me this song said no one can see him. He's invisible.

I used to dislike song covers. Recently some people have proved otherwise that there are in fact good covers. I do like when they change the song a bit and set a different tone. One can overlook the first 7 seconds of the melody is actually repeated throughout the whole song. It's a beautiful noise whatever it is.

Bjork did the original and also that track was the main theme in the movie Sucker Punch but I like this version better.

One of my top 5 favorite hip-hop songs. I the other day I had a beautiful dream about this song. I'm working on a illustration based off this song.

If you are a Hip-hop fan then Water for Mars is a pretty dope album. And as a collective has a bunch of good tacks on that LPs.

Well crafted craft

It is interesting how the original demo tape featured Lady Gaga but due to a conflicting schedule she couldn't appear on the track. Honestly its good thing she didn't because I think it butchered the song and needed more refinement to sound more balanced. Anna Wise was a better choice. 

This song is gold. It's one of those songs I had on the back-burner the last couple of years because it is filled with good veres. Such as,
"Got me breathing with dragons
I'll crack the egg in your basket.."
The whole track reminds me of I got into a dis battle with a friend who won by saying something along the lines, "You won't see me coming as I dance in circles around you with huge peacock feathers"


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