Live Sketch May 16

I'm feeling alive again. I missed the beginning of this month being sick and asleep for like a week or two!!! Yikes but alas back to drawing. :)

 I take my little mackbook out and sketch in photoshop with a live model.
 Was messing around and having fun at first.
 After drinking my morning coffee..Things got serious. Time to put the glasses on...Serious Mode.
                                 I then took the sketch to corel 2015 because I like custom brushes there. Some success some fail. It was a experiment. Less than 2 hours of work? Ran out of time and coffee, model had to leave early.

I have some cool drawings I did from the another model on 14th. I'll upload them sometime this weekend. My usual photo cheap tricks don't do the color I invested in these charcoal and pastel drawings justice. I have to wait till daylight to photograph them.


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