Midnight Musings & Possible June Releases

My main work station is down. :( :( :(
But not for long.

I've fixed it once again. Hoorray!
But I still have to re-install everything, programs, Photoshop, Cs6 master collection,  Corel Painter  60gb of (pictures/art/references) in dropbox and years of updates to catch up on.
Alas it feels like a new computer for now. ;)

This next month or so in June I have some exciting topics to talk about

-Copic Markers An informal tutorial...If I'm on point a video perhaps???
-Basic repair. How to fix your computer. Diagnostics (It is not that hard)
-Stress Relief
-E3!!! is coming soon.
&?????? and more ????

So I've been working on
this week hence the silence & lack of participation.
I don't think my submission will be in time. But at least I have some ideas for a cool video.

 My guilty bad habit/addiction is drinking teas/coffee/espresso/generally sweet drinks. I've cut down on the candy because someone I know was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes so I'm more aware of sugar intake of how much sugar is in something. It is astounding how much Americans have processed sugar in a lot of foods and drinks.  Generally I've been weaning myself off the teas, energy drinks but I still have a weakness for coffee.

 Got to fuel the creative machine!! I need to stay up! I'm so useless in the daytime. =__=''

I partied too much with friends last week so I having a massive party. I reap havoc by myself.

Insight, Foresight, Moresight

Fantastic wild dynamic ear journey. There is so much going on in a good way! Found this like 5 minutes ago. It's plain at first but only gets better.

Normally it takes me time to catch words on a song when I hear it. But I heard part of it and next thing you know I found it and it got and have been playing it over and over. I'm not much into dub-step music but it is well executed. I can't find a word to describe it is like sickenly addictive.

  I have to say its rare but Dj Snake saved the original track because it is really boring and dry, Aluna has a beautiful voice and the beat on the original seemed like a basic drum distortion in Fruity loops or something. 


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