Need a Hand? Drawing 100 Hands & more

One number #1 complaint of artists is drawing hands.

Or to draw hands from imagination is.....Unspeakable.
OK let's not talk about it.
Or we'll make every character that is drawn with hands behind the back or pockets. Or make them disappear from the page. They don't exist!

 An app one can get on a mobile device that has a hand manikin 
and one can manipulate the pose and lighting. 

Hey I've been guilty of it in the past. Just not drawing hands.
They are too hard to draw!
It's not that bad or difficult as one makes it seem to be at times.
I'll give you a hand.

It is a break down in shapes.
Simply deconstruct separate shapes and pieces in your mind.
One fat squarish shape and little cylinders.

If you want to level yourself up and your library get these two books.

One Hundred Hands by George Bridgman


Vilpu Drawing Hands and Feet by Glenn Vilppu

Now these are not a magic remedy to draw hands better. Just suggestions and guides to better understand the form and approach when drawing hands and such.

With everything one cannot just practice this once and just get it or give up on it. It is repeated practice. Repetition. Circle circle a swoop here a swoop there. Arc it da da dah na na naw.



100 Hands is one of my favorite books to work on. I've drawn about 1/3 of Bridgman's book of 100 hands.  I've started stopped stared over from before page one. I haven't went and sketched every hand in the book. But I've been attempting on and off for years.

Maybe see if you can beat my high score?

A sample of Drawing Hands and Feet by Glenn Vilppu 

Some of my studies from a book of A Hundred Hands. There is definitely more
than a hundred hands in that book!

Hope this handful of information helps in your journey of drawing hands!

This made my day when I saw this. :)
This 10 minute video reminded me of how every time I'm in town in SF. One of my best friends and I always go eat at some of the best bakeries, eateries and of course coffee joints.
At the end of it all we went to the movies and we were so stuffed with sweets, coffee, and ice cream We didn't even crave popcorn. Or another time we ate really rich cheesecake it was difficult to walk up stairs.

 Best part of one of is I don't remember the name of the cafe but it was in the mission district in Sf. Where they hand grind the espresso beans to order and also the ingredients! Like if you wanted mint they would get it fresh off the plant. I had the Ambrosia mix. Which you know its going to be good if your coffee is named Ambrosia. 

Or when you go to some of these cafe's you go in and ask for a macchiato and not a starbucks style macchiato. Which for some reason in popular American culture it simply a glorified latte. I want my couple shots of espresso not a overdose in whipped cream and a mocha with caramel in it. 


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