Draw, Sketch. sketch, draw, erase, repeat

Shame shame I haven't shown any sketches for awhile. Despite filling up a beat up sketchbook that I've been lugging around for a bit.

Thrown around concepts I had for awhile more refined. I've been juggling these illustrations together so stay in tuned for more progress.

Sorry for the lack of consistent updates. I've been sick with a bad sinus infection I'm still battling for the last couple of weeks. I finally went to a doctor. I've had this fear of going, I havent seen a doctor since I went back to live in the States... Like almost 10 years ago??? ish It wasn't bad like how most people dread going to the dentist I have dreaded going to the doctor.

Conquer your fears!

Or maybe not..

Except Gephyrophobia sorry I tried but theres no need for reform on that subject. Avoidance is the best method.

So in the take change and mean it. I intend to start posting more sketches on a weekly basis when I feel better. Instead of dumping it on and forgetting where or which sketches I have.

Some of these have titles but I'm not gonna tell yet~ it'll be somewhat of a surprise. 

 Groupies??? I called the file that and it said I sketched this Feburary 19th? I don't remember drawing this or where this was going.

 Comatose was the unusual word of the day, when I heard it. The backwards text is "barbed wire" I make notes at times so I try not to lose the initial idea, thought or feeling when making a concept. But in this case it was when I flipped the canvas to check the proportions and mindlessy noted. I mean I had the thought of wouldn't it be cool if part of her weapon utilized barbed wire? Just because it might look cool and intimidating to a charter fighting her in a game because of its unpredictableness?
 Sample of a video-game character that I've made in the past. There is more to come from this series.

My two favorite songs at the moment. 


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