RWBY Thumbnail Sketches

Last saturday on the 22. RWBY volume 4 was released. I watched it in on sunday the 23rd
RWBY pronounced like Ruby is an American produced 3d anime.

This show is so good I watched it twice the first 3 seasons. I rewatched episode 1 of volume 4 today waiting for episode 2 that will air on Sunday.

You can learn about Rwby Here. I started watching the series because Monty Oum was behind the creation, art director and animator. Oum created the Dead Fantasy Series it is awesome the way he would choreograph and animate these stylish fighting movies himself! He was eventually taken into the animation company Rooseter Teeth where he was able to pitch his idea of RWBY and have the full production team to bring his imaginative world to life.

A while back I did some thumbnail sketches for fan-art from the show Rwby spefically the character Pyrrha Nikos. I got excited I re-found them in my sketchbook the other week. I generally have a fantastic long term memory but ideas hit me and come and go so I have to jot a scribble to remember by initial idea!

So I scanned the images from my sketchbook with my epson scanner.
Tweaked the colors in photoshop
printed out the images 5x7 on 8x10 strathmore paper (I hate drawing on computer paper!!!)
Used masking tape to tape on Bienfang marker paper. Its pretty translucent, thin and strong its a few steps up from drawing on tracing paper.
I started sketching and realized that my thumbnail sketches are not proportionally correct. So I will bring them back to photoshop and sketch from there. I am spoiled with quick adjustments in digital work.

One of the many types of pencils I like to sketch with is col-erase pencils because of its waxy feel and ease of use and also easier to manipulate if I take the sketch to photoshop. I thought all 3 thumbnails were good. So i decided to at least draw at 2, if not all of them. Because thumbnails #1 & #2 seem a tad bit similar so I might have to redraw it to achieve a little bit of each sketch.

In season 3 Pyrrha had a boss battle fight where she brought out her
semblance of magnetism and used these gears to aid her in her fight.

I will finish these when I feel better!

These past two weeks has been a whirlwind. Since last wednesday I've been deathly ill. I finally got medical attention on monday and then while I was on my way to Santa Fe to the Dr... some girl fender bended me from behind in my dad's car. =_= I'm like I don't have time for this!! But alas this was this girl's first accident and this was my 5th one I've been in. She was all nervous and I was calm and had to tell and order her what to do. Compared to one I've been in where I almost died, I was not driving that one. This was mild and it was not my fault so all is good. Sheesh people who and drive and get into accidents! >__>"

I'm still sick it was due to an adverse effect to a medication I was taking for something else.
I thought I had something serious and life changing turned out it but mild infection but takes a week for you to feel better after the antibiotics. But then today my muscle spasms in shoulders and arm really got to the point I had to see my Dr. before I was scheduled. The spasms got re-aggravated after the car accident. This is the 3rd time my injury worsened due to someone else's negligence. So I am on Dr's orders to rest and not work as much. *Inhale Exhale. Everything will be ok.
By the way Dr. was like I'll pray for you.

What happened to my good health???
Where has it gone????

Don't be mad. I eat my cake and eat it too 
until i'm told otherwise to be spoiled on a particular cake.

It's not my turn to make things happen.


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