Random Muse 01

Today I had a day off and had to get up really early. To me early is 7am to get to Physical Therapy. And then my Dad wanted to vote early as possible. By the time I got home it was 9:30 I was gonna meet up with another friend whenever I actually showered and got ready. And then go vote at my designated location. I ended up going back to sleep. There is no shame in my game but as my family knows and some friends once I go to sleep I am a deep sleeper. There are very few things that will wake me up. Which makes it more astounding that I used to fall asleep in practically all my classes in my school career and not get caught by my teachers.

So I was about to go to sleep and one of my friends Nn calls me after 2 failed attempts to get ahold me asked me what I was doing. I was busy and I replied about to leisurely about to nap. My friend Nn is one of my trainees from my work and he is a beauty queen.

He says "I'm outside your place right now."
I was like "Are you serious? I have like 2 windows I can look if you are actually there.
Peeks out the kitchen window and see Nn with another friend. Ecstatically starts waving.
"You do know are a total creep and a stalker. What do you want from me?"
I go out and say "You do realize I haven't showered or put my contacts on. Nor done my hair."
"Me too I haven't showered either. You dun kno"
They were there to go get something from someone else at my apartment complex and decided to pay me a "surprise" visit.
We start yaking outside my place.
And then I go back and shower and go back to sleep.

I think it interesting now there are a lot of memes covering that if you don't call or text someone before showing up at their place you'll be most likely unwelcome or pretending you are not there.

I was working on another episode but will complete and release it later. Right now I am glued to the TV. NBC knows what they are doing and keep the US Presidential Counts interesting. Since I am not a multi-tasker I am keeping this short and sweet. :>


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