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Hello sorry about the delay. It has been horrible for the last few weeks! I've like went to the doctor 3 times for my muscle spasms that are finally starting to weaken. Even got shots and have to do a lot of heat pad pack stuff. The spasms were so bad in my shoulder that it was all over: the top part of my back, shoulder blade got to my entire left leg and arm. It was terrible and I felt miserable. Before I took good mental and physical health for granted. I can understand why sick people generally are a little grumpy.

So this past week and half I was prescribed Baclofen and oxycodone. The oxydone is scary because some people abuse and are addicted to this wacko medicine. Thank goodness I am off the oxycodone.  Took it just for the short half week I was prescribed for, thankfully don't have to take it any longer.

One side efffect of the baclofen is I am experiencing mild confusion at times. It is really strong meds I have to take 20mg every 8 hours. Even 1 pill of 10mg is alot but I have to take 2 to stop the spasms and pain.

These meds are heavy duty. Both combined would knock a person person out cold for a day. I can function but limited thought process and not so clear mental clarity . Strange thing is I have a high immunity to sleep meds or sleep stuff in pills. Since I was 5 I took benadryl (allergy meds) for about 11 years. I was raised mainly in Fairfield, ca.... one of those places that is considered a  high pollen capital. I became immune to benadryl, most allergy medications and subsequently sleep meds because benadryl has sleep substances in it. It got to the point I could not take any form of allergy meds for a few years. I had to go the homeopathic route of eating local honey to gradually build a small resistance to the local pollen.  I used to drink and bring tea to school everyday because I was not allowed to drink coffee at my age. 
Back to the mild confusion.  I noticed it when I was eating ice cream in front of the tv. I reached for the remote and thought I did not bring a spoon and I looked down and there was a spoon in my bowl. I don't recall the action of getting the spoon. The sense of time was warped and forgotten. I have a great memory to the bane of me at times, where I cannot forget crap when I want like most people. My memory can be considered creepy at times because I remember too much. 
Someone posted this the other day??
Multiple times this baclofen it knocks me out. Like I will come home from work eat dinner and go to bed for the evening. Oddly enough I get up in a weird clockwork fashion at 2am and back again at 6am. Sometimes I can't go to sleep so I sketch thumbnails, play castle clash or attempt to fix my ipod battery. I quit fixing the ipod because I need soldering glue to help with conduction.  

I don't remember this week. Except for last saturday. I was trying to write an article of the 2 art shows I went to. I went to bed when I went home. My focus level completing tasks there is a disconnect. I am finally starting to feel like myself a bit. The last couple of days I would go to bed 1-2 am my normal times. Still groggy with all the sleep I am getting.

Describes my situation pretty well.

Thank you for your continued support and interest of my Musings & Quips.

Sorry I have been sitting on this playlist for about a week or so.

My friend got a new car earilier this summer
and we would cruise listening to music.
I like these ones from her playlist &

I relized the reason I like CB so much is that fact they 
electro pop Mozart. Don't know much Mozart but 
I figued I am a sucker for orchestral music. From
seeing the Solano symphony live when I was a kid 
several times, it left a deep impression.  

I remember hearing this dope song at the
skating rink in Vogelweh. Deutschland


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