Greg Moon Art Show

 Hello the other week when I volunteered at the Fall Arts show as a host. The main hostess for the Select show invited me to go after the volunteering to go to Greg Moon's art show at his studio, which almost across the street where we were at.

My friend M, I've known for awhile she is a fun, lively, energetic out going person who models for our drawing group frequently. I was glad to be invited last minute to go see this show. I used to be such a prude when it came to plans. I would be so uptight with a weeks notice to let me know when things are happening and cancellations with a 72hr notice. Now in days I am more lax and my friends come over whenever and its open door any time except: when I have deadlines, starting or ending a painting. The beginning and end of any painting requires the most concentration and focus. It is the most serious and crucial time. Art school made me such a prude! Thanks for all the fam and friends that tolerated me through that time!

I took all the freebies from the art show. Now to put it and make room for my inspiration wall!

 Where I was volunteering. There was a bucket of chalk that encouraged people to draw. There was this lovely mother and her 2 girls that made these awesome chalk drawings!

I was deeply inspired and impressed with this art show Greg Moon hosted with some of his friends. It was a dope studio. If I had a studio they vibe would be like that. The studio is located on kit carson road. It was refreshing to to see such expressive illustrative, conceptual, pop art, surrealism! (just to name a few genres) I did my best to snap pics with my phone!

This was to indicate where the art show was held!

To me the season of Fall is more refreshing to me than Spring.
I feel more it is the time of change and transition.
My allergies act up but not as bad as spring.
I find the fall colors more dynamic and bold with all the warm colors.
Instead of spring cleaning I always do fall cleaning.
I have to go through my outdoor shed and clean it out. What a project.
My ex-step mom gave me my stuff I used to have at our old house garage. 
Just old paintings, papers and memorabilia when I was a kid. 
Also I get a bit sentimental its been a year 
I've been kicking it at my own apartment.

I find beauty and color in everything. 

I've never seen "Disaster" clouds in person. 
They tend to appear with bad weather and disastrous phenomenon.
Its ominously beautiful to look at disaster clouds. 
Especially the bubble-like ones.

I've been obsessed with Brazilian singer Marcela Mangabeira. She did this Japanese Bossa Cover album. Its on youtube if you type in bossa...Disturbia, misery, poker face, moves like jagger, bad romance sunday morning, this love and such to name a few are my favs! Just follow the coffee cups.

Once you hear the track in the way back you can't un-hear it. O_O
If you have crappy headphones you can't hear it.


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