Inspirational Boost

Sorry for being a cranky grouch the last post. Normally I don't roll like that. I apologize.
Here is some positive infusion to negate that string of negativity.

Art by James Paick

Now my personal opinion and strongly agree and  I believe complaining is a luxury. If you have the right in your mind to complain about a problems, your situation, and are able to exacerbate deeply the wrong doings and injustice in your life. That is a luxury being able to sit back and complain about your "woes"

Honestly people ask why I am the way I am my personal verse is because of Philippians 2:14

"Do everything without complaining or which you shine as lights(stars) in the world"

Anytime I catch myself complaining or arguing with someone I feel really bad afterwards, because it isn't the way and it isn't me. Initially heard this when I was 7 right around when my mother left home. It made a deep impression to not complain about my situation of having a single parent. Even when other kids gave me a hard time that I had no mother. Sure we had our hardships but at least I had one caring loving parent compared to my father who was an orphan who practically raised himself alone. Puts things in perspective. You really can't un-wish anything to happen to you even if it was ill, you would not be who you are if you have not gone through certain experiences.

To appreciate life and focus what you have rather what you do not have.

To get back to being motivational here is some art & artists that inspires me. Just a few of my favorite concept artists in the industry.

James Paick_____

Here is a link for a video about Paick! It is something how certain artists go through the same thing of obtaining that other level. But in a different perspective and words. 

My favorite piece of Concept art from U2! 

I actually watched Paick paint this live at a demonstration. Learned a few awesome cool tricks

John Park

For about a year I have been following John Park on Patreon. On tier 3. I have learned so much and Park's video tutorials has helped my digital art workflow with the use of clever integrative matte painting techniques.

Maciej Kuciara

This was my phone and tablet player screensaver for the longest time.

If you need a good laugh.

 I like to watch Game Grumps when I am painting at times. They play horrible awesomely bad games and make hilarious commentary. Occasionally they play great games. Really got into Egoraptor aka Arin after watching his new grounds videos of Metal Gear Awesome and such. This last week or so I started watching Game animated. Which people reinterpret and animate audio clips from the show. These videos are really creative. Its fun to watch/listen to the show, makes it seem like there are multiple people in the room playing a game. Caution Be warned they can get really dirty and crude with obsessive swearing. The improv they do is fabulous on some of the random skits they come up with.


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