Musings & Quips of an Artist: The Life of K

Just go for it!

So I decided today (Wednesday) that I want to go forward with this project I had on the back of my mind.

I want to announce Musings & Quips of an Artist: The life of K

It is a comic mini-series of random musings and quips of my personal life. Sometimes I want to share personal experiences but I hate social media. If If I did not have to use it for marketing or keep in contact with long lost friends or see what family is up to I would never use it. I like and prefer communication from email and text message.

At times writing does not convey what I want to say and drawing does this much better...Which is why I am an artist and not a serious writer.

My personality in two words is Whimsically Serious. 
Total oxymoron. 
I am either straight face serious mode or cracking jokes. 

I am known to have interesting t-shirts and hair pins and clips.
I like to get a lot of my tees when they are on sale 
I have the sweatshirt version of this design. 
The designs are created from a lot of independent artists. 
So support support! 

 Using General's Water Soluble Graphite. The Niji water brush and other tools. 
This combo is quick and easy to use. Just use the waterbrush on the graphite for a 
watercolor-esque look. :]

 Most of these pages are drawn in my sketchbook. Some of the sketches  I drawn in a light paper weight, I scan it then reprint it on cardstock so it can handle the abuse of adding water. Then scanned or photographed again and brought to photoshop for quick edits.

It really bothers me at times. Perfect timing or mere coincidence.

The series will contain one shots and short comics. Almost done with Episode 01!!
The updates will be sporadic and not in order of events.

click Listening to and chilling with that Isley brothers. 
Late night jammin' . mhnn click

I have not forgotten about the studio tour so stay tuned! 


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