Break Time//Back to Work

Hello it has been a busy dynamic month.

I went on vacation the week before for about a week. It was really reinvigorating to see family and some new sights. Its been a few years since all of my immediate family was all in the same place. It was wonderful. Motivating and inspiring. One interesting thing is all of our birthdays all fall in August. Its always been a big celebration to the point we get sick of cake when we all used to live in the same house.
 Went to Santa Fe yesterday to get some things.
I saw a lot of inspirational stuff at Hobby Lobby.

So this past week I have been enthused catching up with quality time in the studio.
The creative juices are flowing! It is really hard to articulate in words. Batteries recharged.

I have so many pictures and experiences that I will go into detail some other time. Where I was at and such. I even ate a egg roll. I absolutely vehemently hate egg rolls and can go in great detail of why I hate them. I like lumpia it is way better than egg rolls. This is another discussion I get all worked up about.

 Also by the end of this month I will have pictures of my awesome studio.

I started going back to my drawing group. It's been a struggle that I don't have my full range of motion and endurance to draw on my 18x24 pad. I've been doing smaller works that are no bigger than 11x14. I just started a 16x20 piece. I just have to take a lot of breaks.

It was worth going to the thursday drawing group the other week. I had a milestone breakthrough utilizing more line sensitivity. My gramps has been telling me to be more aware of it and to work on that skill. I have not attained the level of mastery like Henry Yan, but I try. What he can draw in 25 minutes is astronomical.

I was bummed that my portrait group was canceled today. Oh well an excuse to sleep in until noon.

Back study from the tuesday group the other week.

Pike's Peak

Kansas can be seen in the way background. Behind the mountains.

Art by Studioqube a couple of cool artists


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