Weakness Punch!

Weakness Punch is something I scribbled down in my notebook to tackle subject matter I am not particularly good at or need to improve. Hence Weakness Punch!

 I like to jot notes on the app google keep. Works on android and Ios. It syncs up on all your devices that you have the app on.

Make your weaknesses into your strengths. 
Is the concentration of Weakness Punch.

I am a sucker for kawaii stuff. 
Then I transfer it to something visually pleasing.
Pinterest is wonderful and detrimental.
All the stuff you can find on there.
Printable stickers and memos have been my latest obsession. 
The thing I despise about Pinterest is it is a huge distraction.  

I'm exhausted and had pretty much an all-nighter. I didn't expect to stay up this late today.

=_+    =_=   X_X

I finished this one painting for the Taos Fall Arts show. It was something experimental and made me rethink of some of the work I have been doing and what I should focus on.

Sometimes you have to do some artwork that you realize you don't like to realize you really don't like doing that type of work. It put things in perspective and lead me back to my main goal.

I realized I was starting to go astray with the eyes. 
I erased and redrew it. Much better. 

We paint in this place nicknamed the Garagemahal. 
It's actually a stable converted into a garage/ Paint studio of Thom. 
It comes with a model stand and horses(art bench)
It's pretty awesome all our drawing groups are hosted here.
Although I don't see Gramps (My mentor) early Saturday morning anymore.
I don't have grandparents. (Its a long story why) But he's the closest to what I think to
having a grandpa. I still visit him when I can to show 
him my work and talk about random subjects.

Meh. Halfway decent. 
At least the screw up point is much further down the pipeline.

This was from ther other day. I have ok visibility to see stars and planets at my place. I have some light pollution.  My dad lives out in the boondocks. The waqy to his house he gets way better visibility with no light pollution. Usually Mercury is very fleeting and tricky to see. It tends to hide in the glare of the sunset/ And you have to kind of lay on the ground to see it at times. To see Venus and Mercury at the same time is a treat. Jupiter is pretty easy to find at night. For more info:http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/visible-planets-tonight-mars-jupiter-venus-saturn-mercury


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