Late night Suprise: Perseid Meteor Shower

Took this on my way home yesterday. Driving and taking pictures
could be the bane of my existence. No photo manipulation although
it could use some retouch work. 
If you are up late this Saturday night or early sunday morning you are in for a treat.

If you are in a part of the world where midnight of August 13 is yet to come.... Between midnight the dawn of you can witness a meteor shower! I've seen one and they are AmaZing~!

It is difficult to take pictures of without it seeming like manual exposure speeding lights and it doesn't seem realistic without another object to scale and base what it is. I don't have the proper equipment.

A shot from yesterday from the same day. Outside my place. 
This would make a cool painting. Maybe along the lines of
being called Powered Connections.


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