Game Time! Alpha Bears

I like video games. Well to say like like it is a complete understatement. I love video games. It's a part of my life and sometimes to focus more on what I'm doing I cut out some of that game time out. And when I do I feel miserable grumpy and something in my life is missing.

In recent years I've gotten better at not binge playing where literally I'd get up in the morning and play games all day until way past midnight.

Lately my addictions have been a healthy scoop of AlpaBears, Red Dead Redemption and a replay of Catherine.

Normally I don't get into mobile games because for me I don't get the same satisfaction as being totally immersed in a console game. About a few years ago I played Angry Birds for like 3 hours until my thumbs got sore and never played it again after that. Or the time I played fruit ninja a few times and beat my sister's high score. And she played continuously until she beat mine.

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This game Alpha Bear is a word puzzle game and a mobile game. I am not the best nor the worst at word puzzle game but it makes one think. The reason I started playing this game is because I loved the cute bear designs. Every time you complete a game on there a bear pops up and says a preset phrase with some of the words you have typed in for that game session. Some of these phrases I think they are ridiculously funny and some of these phrases are well a bit dirty.
I wont share the rated  ones because I keep this site generally Pg-13 and do not wish to hike up my ratings!

Until Next time I'll talk about Red Dead Redemption as its own post.


When you first start the game they give you coins and honey to play the game and all of a sudden they quit giving you a ample supply of honey and honey. So i bought the infinite honey so I can play as much as I want and then the boss battles require 400 coins per try. So it was $5 for the honey. Then one night around 3am I think I was playing this game I bought the 600 coins and then lost the battle I was about to buy more and then I was like I barely pay this much for dlc on a console game! Thank goodness I haven't linked my credit card to these sites since the Psn hack about 4 years ago. I just buy the scratch cards but still! Look at that dive 5,10 and then a full on 50. I rarely pay full price for a new launch game. Yikes! 


Favorite Baby Girl and Timberland produced track

90's Classick

Dope Drum track


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