The Making of Video Games -Motion Capture

One thing I like to watch when I'm drawing video game stuff for motivation and to get energized is watching making of video game sequences to video games I have played.

Before when you can find anything on youtube or the internet one would have to go to their game console and pop in the game disk to watch the making of video game series in a game. So it was like getting prepared to play a video game.

One topic I watch and used to skip is the motion capture sequences.  But it brings life to the concept art and 3d models people have created. It's like watching improv theater since there isn't much props.

Motion Capture  is now a standard in the industry in movies and film is the art of motion capture. Capturing one's movements and now in days capture voice recording for a cut scene or movie. So the animators do not start from scratch in creating certain models from the ground up and have something they can work with.

Devil May Cry 3 Motion Capture Clips
Devil May Cry 3 Motion Capture

Not sure who started the use of motion capture. It is interesting to notice this technology was used in the Playstation 2 era and early millennium. I don't think it was fully implemented and pushed to the boundaries around 2009. Naughty Dog raised the industry standard in making a game into a seamless cinematic experience. Uncharted 2 is one of the few games I have played more than 3 times and have never skipped a cut-scene each time I played the game.

Uncharted 3 Motion Capture to Videogame Cut scene Comparison

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