April *Fools* Spoilers & Announcements

First off. I'm not gonna make my idealistic release date of April 1st

So Sorry, Entschuldigung, ごめんなさい, Scusate, извините!!!

 I have never made a successful April's Fool's joke in my life. So I'm not gonna be that lame writer who brings back a character that should of died a season ago.

No fear not this ain't the end of the world. Pleasant surprises to be expected not a weird unexplained plot twist.

I had someone ask what exactly were you doing last weekend? 

In the last few weeks I have been...here it is making a movie.

I was just going to get by with no teasers no trailers. And just drop the reel.
So a little sampler and appetizer to the Main Course. So the re-projected release date is late March early May.

Filming is taking longer than expected and I'm mixing live clips and what I'm actually doing on my computer.

I'm not sharing any footage now but here are some pictures.
Learned how to do a  mosaic filter in Photoshop last week so I'm using and abusing my new advantage and trick. ;) Muahuhaha!

-Stay tuned as always


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