As far as personal endorsements go: I can go on and on about besides Corel Painter, Coolorus, local coffee shops, local art stores, Threadless, Sony Playstation fanboy, or random  love of caffeine or coffee is

There is a lot more useful music programs out there besides iTunes.

About 80% of the time if I have a conversation with someone about music I will mention DoubleTwist.

It is a music application that can transfer music to any device that has memory on it. About 4 years ago I broke my ipod nano and could not use itunes for any of my other mp3 players. So I had to search for a substitute or something even better.

In total I have had 5 mp3 players in the last years or so. When I had my second Mp3 player which was the Gpad G10,  7in tablet. I went through a lot of music apps through the then called Android Market/. There's a lot of crappy ones out there, So I'll saving you some time in telling you what I think is good.

Also if you pay the $3.99-$5.99 I don't remember how much it is but there is the sync option where one can refresh and update their music without plugging it in the computer. So you just press the button and your music syncs pretty fast.

I think my sales pitch is seriously aggressive. Because I don't think anyone I know has come up and say, "Hey man that doubletwist thing is pretty good." Or if you are using it and haven't told me stop a second and high-five the air. And hopefully I'll feel that good vibe through time and space. Hopefully maybe.

Another awesome music player I know a lot of people are using is Google Music. It has a nice interface. And not problematic syncing musc.

It's really cool you can log onto any computer and access your whole music library.(With internet connection) There is also another nifty feature on here. Only twice a year and more if you can pay the fee, you can download all of your music to a computer. One time I had hard-drive failure and it was nice to not lose years of music collection.

I take most of my art inspiration from music. So I listen to a lot of music. I like to visualize and image what either the song is saying or what I think of when I hear the instrumental .Another note if a song has a cool title you already have a cool title for your illustration. Like the song Love is Colder than Death, Psyche, , Blow your Mind,Silent Spring I have no idea what that song is saying but it sounds cool. It's fun to share your music with other people who aren't annoyed and that give you something cool and new to add to your collection.

About a month ago someone came up to me and was like "I found these earbuds on the ground. Do you know who these belong to? I don't want anyone to think I stole these. I don't listen to music. So y' know I didn't take these."  I looked at them probably with my mouth wide open. Cause I really don't know what kind of world they are living in without music. I hate silence. It gets weird when it's quiet.

I've liked these Incubus songs for awhile. Just have't made any illustrations that I have been happy with to show. Anti-gravity and Anomaly themes seem fun to draw.

I found this song the other day and it's been my current a jam.

You lyrics

This Album No More Heroes title  by Solilaquists of Sound is based off one of my favorite games called No More Heroes. It's one of the few games that excellently explores the topic of not saving the world. If Quentin Taratntino had a Japanese cousin it would be Suda 51.


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