Surprise! Surprise! long delayed surprise!  3.0 dropped today.
Oh snap! ~Watch out!
I'm back with a punch!

Stop by and take a visit.

Look forward to new work released soon.
Also watch out late this spring and early summer for some new projects to be released.
Look forward.

My friend T burst out singing this one day. And he asked me if i had ever listened to the Happy mashup on youtube. I told him no. Months later and I finally remembered to look it up it is highly addicting and will make you randomly sing this mix of  the Gorillaz's Cllint Eastwood and Pharell's happy. 
All a cappella! It's catchy! and yeah I find myself mumble huming this song. 

I hated this song when I first heard it and it's not that bad. Or as bad it grew on me.

It is so hard to take Katy Perry really serious after seeing the movie The Interview. They mercilessly beat the crap out of the Firework song. If a dead horse couldn't be beaten enough.


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