Studio Tips n' Tricks #1-Chip Clips

There are a lot of everyday items one can overlook in using for your studio. One of them is chip clips

. Yep chip clips. About a month ago or so I was getting erasers at the art store and I asked if they had any bulldog clips. And L told me no, but suggested that I go to Walgreens or something to go get some huge chip clips because they do the same job.
I'm glad they were honest with me and didn't try to rip me off. If I didn't know better I would still be using and overpaying for lackluster bulldog clips

I've spent years buying these dumb bulldog clips and they haven't been really worked for me. Either they break constantly or I lose them because they pop off my drawing board .

Studio Tip-Buy some Chip clips.
 What's the use of knowing a nifty trick and keep it to yourself?
 Share knowledge and hopefully pass it on.

Don't be all mad bro when I buy all the chip clips in the store except one,..and don't buy chips.  I've been so good not buying a huge bag of chips and totally demolishing them in a day or so.


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