Musings and Quips~ The year begins Again :)

Someone asked what does Musings and Quips mean so…

Happy New Years!!!

This kicks off the year fresh with a series of a triple post this week! So this is part 1 hope you look forward to what the year may bring! Stay tuned to part 2 & 3 more detailed with some previews of the artwork i'm working on.

I stole this from someone else's blog thought it was great!

Also I like to thank everyone and thank you so much for supporting me at Musings and Quips of an Artist through a lot of change and transitions. 
I’m working on something really special for the fans and newcomers of the like so stay tuned later off this month I’ll have this project completed. An unexpected surprise surprise. 

So teasers and cliffhangers are like this Baaahdadah.......da da da ta ta da ta dah

Once again thank you so much for supporting Musings and Quips of an Artist. Hopefully my ramblings can be of some use. Happy new year and I hope the year is swell and pretty productive for everyone. Thank you I can't be grateful enough for all the visitors that come here.

Much Love and Peace

One musical artist that I can say is underrated and doesn't get as much credit as he deserves is Witness. When people ask me some of my favorite artists sometimes I forgot to mention him. Sorry Witness! I really like you! I really do!

Witness is a graphic designer and artist. So his lyrics are interesting in the sense that he speaks from an artist’s viewpoint in his songs. So he’ll use technical terms and vocabulary to illustrate his songs. A lot of the loaded art language he uses can be overlooked by anyone who does not know these terms. Like negative space, composition complimentary colors and other such things. Its somewhat a breath of fresh air compared to what I normally listen to. Also he's been dropping new tracks this week for another album which is awesuuummmmm. 
One aspect I like the most is how he represents the voice I can't speak sometimes.

Witness makes Diner Coffee sound fantastic.

One more....Old Love


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