I own three computers and I mainly use two of them. I don’t particularly like to be glued to the same workspace at all times. So I move around not to get bored and to stay focused. The advantage of having multiple computers is awesome and if there is ever a hardware problem then there is a backup. And also the convenience of a portable workspace. I used to joke with my sister or having a mobile command station. My main computer is heavy and hooked onto many cords. So in reality my mobile command station isn’t mobile.

Now the downside and the most annoying part if one is working on any kind project and wishes to transfer these files on another computer it is a pain. Whether it is a doc. Pdf. Psd Rif Tif png gif and jpeg files. I like to work in extremely high .PSD resolutions like 7000 pixels or greater twice the standard print size resolution. With this these files huge they tend to be about 100mb or more.

Its unproductive in my opinion to take the files drag them wait for them to load on a flash drive or disk or whatever. Safely remove it and go to another computer and load up the files.

An example of my first computer that still works after 8 years after literally burning fumes

One of the risks of moving files around like that too often it does not happen as much but files can corrupt.
Sometimes you save a file and for some reason after rinsing and repeating the process for sometime the file becomes corrupted or just get plain annoying. Most of the time it happens when you blindly do things fast or tired.

So the solution and fix to my problems a few years ago was to use dropbox. Its an online network that one can link computers and any peripheral with your data. Its easy to use and is fairly fast if you have a good internet connection. I save a file and it’ll update across the board to all my computers and with the peripherals you can choose which files you wish to download. Even with my saving huge files its fairly quick I can go take a small break or just go and refill my cup of coffee and files will sync. So its liberating no wires, mess or chips to complicate the day.

There are home networks one can set up. They are easy for some to set up and difficult for others.  Years ago I made a Bluetooth network that would share one folder it was rather slow clunky and savage. And when the dell b130 went down and when it was fixed later I could not remember how to repeat the steps or find the proper instructions because that method became outdated.

Also on my phone and music players I have the function set up if I take a picture on my device it will transfer to my computers. For awhile and sometimes if I’m feeling lazy I’ll snap a pic on my phone and it will transfer to my computer and I can either bring it straight to photoshop or painter.

And if I’m somewhere else or on another computer that is not mine that the dropbox application is not on the computer. It is not a problem.
Just go to dropbox.com and log on and you can select which file you wish to download. Even without internet the files placed in the dropbox application are still accessible but just cannot sync and will sync again once a connection is once again established.

An example of how digital workspace is set up

Some of my friends don’t see the point in it. Which I can see why. And there is a data limit. I pay the premium of 9.99 every month which I have 1.3tb of information I can place. While I was sleeping one time I included my huge 20gb reference library of pictures into dropbox.

the white flat thing in my banner is one of my computers

So drop it in the box. Get dropbox if you have multiple workstations.

First musing of the month. I have a pleasant surprise next month so stay tuned.



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