Art Stores

Part II of the Triple Post in 1 week series to kick start the fresh New Year!

I went on vacation a few weeks back.
So any time I go out of town one of the first things I like to do is find the local art store and a cafe' near that.

If you are in the Colorado area there is a great chain of local art stores in the area called Meininger. I went to the Colorado Springs one and it is so awesome!!!!!! I wished I hadn't stopped at Hobby Lobby before I went there.

The Springs store had everything. It was so beautiful. They had everything I could think of. So if you are in the area drop by! I oggled about it so much I didn't even take pictures.

On a side note there was a pencil grip thing near the register that I decided to buy and experiment with. I didn't realize it doubled as an eraser as well! That's so cool!              

There is an art store in Santa Fe called Artisan that I go to whenever I can. One time I was going through copic markers and testing them. I forgotten for the longest time that they had a sign near the marker display please don't...something. I forgot what exactly it said but basically don't touch or use the makers.

There was a few colors I liked so I tested some and got carried away. The marker display is near the front of the store near the cash register. One employee noticed me and was about to head into my direction. But was stopped by another and I her say that she's a good patron and tends to spend quite a bit at times. After hearing that I fiddled around with a few more markers and went to check out. I bought a little more markers in a way to apologize.
I've joked with some of my friends I've dropped so much dough in that joint that have special privileges! VIP folks.


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