Work in Progress as we like to say it.
This is a special New Year holiday post with not just a single nor double but a triple post!!!
This is part III! the final part of the 1 week series!

 A little WIP to see the process of things.Some digital, traditional and hybrid of traditionbal and digital.

Some Sketchbook stuff full page and closeup. See how I take something from one image and take another part of it to create another image. Some Concept stuff and thumbs for a full illustration. Which I haven't shown in awhile.

 I did some work for a project I was proud of once. But it kind of went sour. The person I was working with kept saying that they did some work they didn't really like and did not wish to follow that path.

 I realized I can throw the same words back.

The work I did did not speak me. It went against my nature. Style, emotion, presentation wise. So now that is out of my system. I've learned don't take any jobs that you know you are fighting your own nature and of what you want to.

 Sorry I closed shop in doing logos for other people. Hey at least I tried to do something that I know I won't like to do in the future.

Anyway here is like +45 pictures to be astounded with. Don't blame me if your computer can't keep up.

 When I doodled I thought of jet packs and then this song I got the Magic in me by B.o.B in me came on so I imaged the magic song with this drawing. Problem is I don't want this song in my head too much so I haven't touched this piece since,

Winter Sleep, I liked this song when I first heard it years ago. But I was taking a nap one time and this dream came with this song. So I think I have the right visuals to do this song justice. I drew this and then went back to sleep.

Last week (I mean about 2-3 weeks ago wrote this before I went on Vacation) I was  enamored going through my computer and this image titled Spanish Woman by John Singer Sargent. I was so with this image I starting doing thumbnails that night and really started to sketch this out the next morning.

 So like the musicians say. I'm back in the studio y'all!

Gramps told me that with any study try to paint it on a smaller canvas. I told him I was aware but was really excited to work on it so when I hang it on my wall its bigger! At some point I forgot the title of the image and some of my artist peeps and I debated and settled on the model was a man. Sike! I'm sorry J.S Sargent didn't mean to get confused.The collar bones and the shirt I was mistaken!

Most of the time when I work with tape It temporary and not permanent. Usually I stick it on my pants leg, or jacket or shirt sleeve. To weaken the adhesive. Sometimes I forget the tape is on me and go out in public with them on. I get some occasional strange stares. When I was in the studio with Gramps and other students I got up and took a break after some time. I got a look from Gramps and he asked me if it was some sort of fashion statement. Its not, I just forget that I have tape glue or paint wherever.

One time someone from the drawing group said the great thing about getting paint on your clothes is that you have another pair of painting clothes! Practically all mine are! haha  whooohooo

I did this one today. It was a live session. I brought my computer today instead of paints or graphite pencils. Just Photoshop Cs6

I am so sad that the pictures of the model got corrupted! :D': I wanted to show a picture of a far out shot. and a zoom into Bob's face. It was fantastic! I was the only one with this view. You could't see his eyes only a bit of his eyelid showed. What a bummer. I'll have to keep it in my memory and recreate that situation in another piece.

 Almost done...and
Finished! Oh man! How I wished to do the eyes more!

Alas here is a bit of what I'm working on. Thank you guys and have an awesome time doing what you like to do! Don't fight against your own nature!
Give a little love to Pinoy Love! I was so obsessed with this album. I used to annoy my sister on a 3 hour car ride just listening to this one albumen. She was like you want to listen to Jeff Again? Again? When I told her what specific songs I wanted her to key in. There was no other headphones and I won some kind of dispute of what kind of music was to be played.His songs are too marshmallow sweet. But its one of those secret obsessions that you like and nobody else likes! It doesn't matter! <3 Don't judge!


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