Cliff Hangers...To be Continued

I don't have much this week...I've busy with something I need to complete before the end of the month! Which is next week! So heres a sneak peek don't try to many any sense of it! It's a secret. Cliffhangers stink.

I won't leave you totally hanging here some random images to amuse.
Like I said don't make sense of it.

Not sure if it's noticeable. I started to sign my completed artwork with my new signature. 
Kanpai! for Rebranding.

Did you know there are 168 hours in a week?

Keep yourself entertained for more than 30 minutes with some tunes.

Orientation by Lightheaded

P.T Cruise by Lightheaded

Shrill Tune

It's interesting I haven't seen my mother face to face in about 16 years. This week was her birthday. Eternal Flame was one of her favorite songs she played constantly among other 80's pop tunes. If your out there happy belated birthday and Sipag at Tiyaga.
 (Thats the only thing I can say in Tagalog along with some swear words.)


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