Happy New Years! 2016

Happy New Years and Happy Holidays! :]
Hope it was really great and awesome!

It is day 2 of the New Year!
Started it right by waking up at a decent time making a strawberry cappuccino. Went to the portrait drawing group and did a decent drawing in the allotted time I was there for. One thing my mentor said when he used to teach classes he would joke whoever has the worst drawing would get decapitated. I didn't get decapitated today but other times I have felt that.
For some reason I am prompt and on time every place or appointment I go to but for some reason Most of the time I go to the drawing groups I show up fashionably or unfashionably late.  I was like I actually ate breakfast this morning! I didn't want to hear it about playing hooky even if I was kinda late.

 I prefer to catch people at their natural state and not posing in pictures and reference. I had to ask to take a photo so Robert "Posed" for me. His eyes were really wide and not relaxed like when we were drawing. He knew I was taking a pic so I tried again at his natural state when he was not paying attention. Makes a difference I think.

 I struggled a bit but then got my groove on later. Gramps was actually really impressed with the drawing and told me I have to something else next week.

I just did a sketch on canvas with the intention of adding fixative and then painting over it.
Don's painting
Ginny'a painting
One reason I have been doing these instead of painting is fundamentally I've been told by my mentor is the root of a bad painting is a bad drawing underneath. So I went back to improve on my timed drawings with likeness better. For some reason I've gotten myself in trouble with not listening to a teacher with good instruction and rebelling and when I finally do listen I improve drastically.

I wasn't shy today to ask a few of my fellow artists for pictures of what they did.

Kudos to people who have New Year's Resolutions. I personally don't because in my observations most people will set un-realistic goals and then beat themselves up for not achieving that goal. My theory that most don't like to hear is why wait until New Year's to become a better person or work on self improvement? Just why?

If I have to say I have one it usually is not to make one. Or maybe the coffee one mentioned earlier.

So welcome to 2016 and I do have a lot of things going on this year that will astound many. I have always been the underdog. ;)


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