Basic Palette & Quick Study Setup

Preparing for a quick study with canvas paper and oil paint.

Every time I open my paint box it feels like this.

It is hilarious the times I do bring it with me to certain places people offer to help me carry it and many are surprised how heavy it is! One relative said that box is more than half your size!

I like to line up all the colors I am going to use for the day before placing
 them on the palette. In a spectrum-like fashion.

I like to use wooden palettes they take time and TLC to prepare before using a brand new one fresh from the store. The process is meticulous. To get everything to flow smoothly and glide on the palette to the canvas apply a thin layer of oil on the palette before use. I like to use Walnut oil it doesn't get me sick and slows your drying time. A lot of people like to use linseed oil and I get terribly sick when I'm around it.

Walnut in a glass jar. I cherish and look for glass jars like in Legend of Zelda.
Buy things in bulk if it is a medium you like and use a lot of. Art school taught me that. It can get pricey buying everything at once but you are saving a lot in the long run.

This is my favorite Alizarin Crimson comes in a tiny canister.

-Ivory Black
Cobalt Blue 
Ultramarine Blue
Alizarin Crimson 
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Lemon Yellow Hue
Naples Yellow
-Burnt Umber
-Yellow Orchre
-Titanium White  
-Zinc White (Careful this one can be toxic can have traces of lead)

Packing all the materials for on the go.

Canvas paper. It has a nice tooth to it. And great if you just want to practice. 

Extra drawing board I use only for paints.

Tape up the canvas paper with masking tape. 
It comes off easy when using a hair dryer to melt the adhesive off. 

Gesture sketch with prismacolor col-erase 

Fixative time/Eat breakfast outside

Prepared palette on french easel.

Oily base wash. Ir is difficult to paint on a stark white canvas.

I did a terrible painting. ( wont show the end result) I don't feel discouraged just motivation to get better. I have a terrible habit of losing my drawing when I paint. Its either a great drawing or if I start out with color I am fine. 


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