Uncharted 4 & Creative Uncut

With any new electronic it takes me awhile before I feel the need to buy it. I'm not an early adopter and on the 5 segment of Technology Adoption I am a Late majority. I'll observe people who have the item and wait for major improvements and updates. Like the year I bought my Ps3 I predicted E3 that year the slim model was going to be released. That being said this upcoming year I am going to buy the Ps4 because of Uncharted 4.

When U4 was announced it was a total shock because Naughty Dog had a history of just making trilogy. At first with the initial announcement part of me was like it won't be the same because the Creative Director Amy Hennig left the company earlier that year. But after seeing trailers ND wants to maintain the standard and set the bar even higher story-wise, gameplay and technical aspects. 

The motion capture and animation is just too fluid.

When people ask me what one of my favorite games is Uncharted 2.  I've played that game over 5 times and did not skip any of the cut scenes. Platted the game and got all of the trophies. And I've have made it known I don't have any video game, anime or cartoon crushes since I've grown except for Nathan Drake. If he was real I'd have no problem leaving whoever I'm with for him. But he isn't real. ;{

Nathan is old in the upcoming sequel so I don't know how I feel about that. But then again it was better than U3. That game was not as good as it was over hyped. The multiplayer was fun. And my online customized drake has his face covered with a bandanna. 

So on March 18 I was planning on going to GDC 2016 I decided instead probably 2017 would be better. Or if could I would go this upcoming year. But I need a monster computer instead. So on March 18th *cough don't mind me calling in sick. Don't look for me. I haven't been this excited for a game for awhile and ND doesn't disappoint hopefully. Of what they are saying is the supposed final tale.

After watching this E3 this year I was like I'm so getting this on release day!
 I never buy games when they first come out. And Watch Dogs is the only other game I got the collector's edition for too.

Random Concept art from the entire series 

Creative Uncut has been my source for years on looking at a vast variety of concept art. Take a look.


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